Follow The King!

Hey Everyone, thank you so much for being here, for being my readers. I know I don’t come often because God has me in so many different places right now but just know that when I come here to write it’s to vent, to journal or to think things through. When I write I am releasing… Stuff… and to share my depth with you.

On my journey right now, God has me telling my testimony with a message tomorrow night. He is tying up a couple of loose ends in my story. Things that I had forgotten about or figured I would never have an answer to.

It started a few months ago. I felt God was telling me that He wanted me to have a worship night. To motivate others to not only know Him but to wake up His children. I took this as singing songs and it has turned into so much more.

The worship He speaks of is worshipping Him in truth and spirit, in our hearts. To speak truth of His power, of His love and most importantly our parts in all of it.

The main part of my message as of right now is that because so many Christians are sleeping our world is falling apart.

More people are following the prince than there are following the King. The Church has been sleeping but guess who hasn’t? And we are now seeing the fruits of his labor come to fruition.

I have asked God over and over, hoping for a different answer, if there is something we can do to turn this around? All He keeps telling me is that the only way to change anything is for people including His children, to turn to Him. To repent of the things we do against Him, To repent of our laziness, of our idol called comfort. We have turned a blind eye, out of sight out of mind, as people suffer all around us.

One loose end He is typing up for me is the pain I suffered at the hand of the Church. I never understood why God told me to leave my home church and go to other ones when all I experienced was disappointment and pain. He has shown me that it was necessary for this very message that He will speak through my mouth tomorrow night at 6pm.

If you would like to join me, even just to support me in this, you can. Just email me at

You should get an email with the Zoom link. I may also do a live on my FB page, which is below but unless God intervenes, once I start playing worship music, FB may stop my stream. Go ahead and friend request me (:

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