I am absolutely horrified right now. I had told people in my blog in December, Human Genome Project, under “All things viral”, that both Pfizer and Moderna had on their sites that they were in a large phase 3 trial. I told them that meant the vaxx.

Today I just found out there is a site where it shows all the studies currently being done and there is so much on COVID.

Please if you have gotten the vaxx, don’t get the boosters, don’t do it. It is being said that they are trying to see how much Graphine Oxide the body can handle. I absolutely can’t believe that they are testing on humans again… Haven’t we learned from history yet? Don’t do it.

Go to Jesus now, ask for the Holy Spirit. Then ask for whatever has been put in your body to be taken out. Ask the Spirit to help you stand firm no matter what happens.

Search of: COVID-19 – List Results – ClinicalTrials.gov

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