Fight or Flight?

Hey Everyone! As you may have noticed I have not written in a bit and that is because I have really been focusing on doing video. I have an account on Tik Tok (@tabby7797) and I have been doing a lot of witnessing on it.

Many months ago I had gotten all pumped up during worship and did a live video on FB. I was talking about how the only way we can have any hope of turning our country around, was by walking with God, for people to turn from their ways and turn to Him.

And this came up again last night. I am part of a local group on Telegram and we are mostly just support for one another, to keep one another sane with all that is going on. However, last night 2 women joined and they want to fight the system. This got me thinking again about how I have gone through that phase many times. I would love nothing more than to have our freedoms stable again, to know that I only need to think about my future and work toward it everyday.

I am no stranger to fighting and I don’t fear many things but I am not willing to exert my energy fighting against God Himself. I have fought for my healing and to overcome my addictions but that was God’s will for my life and He was helping me.

So many of the things happening seem to be in line with the end times, so many signs are presenting themselves and if this is truly the end, God isn’t going to rewrite the script because we don’t want it to happen.

The powers in play are the strongest they have ever been, in my lifetime at least…

How do you legally fight when laws and systems no longer matter? Even the court system and the DOJ are against those who don’t want the vax. Yet, there are federal laws governing the use of experimental EUAs which say that you must be given the option to accept or refuse the administration of the EUA product under federal law. You must be provided an alternative!

[USC05] 21 USC 360bbb-3a: Emergency use of medical products (

Nothing makes sense anymore. Even the CDC just “recalled” the PCR tests because they give to many false positives… But we can use them until December???

They are blaming the unvaxed for the breakthrough cases, even though people like Geert Vanden Bosche told us months ago this could happen due to natural immunity being killed off by the vax. I am praying this isn’t the case but it doesn’t look good.

Covid Jab Whistle Blower Geert Vanden Bossche ( 40 minutes into the video there is a simple summary.

UPDATE FROM SYDNEY: All New COVID Hospitalizations Involve Vaccinated Individuals Except One (

COVID-19 Breakthrough Case Investigations and Reporting | CDC

So this is why I have been focusing on witnessing. Yeah, we can physically fight, start a war but does it really matter when the enemy is so powerful right now and the story has already been written?

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