War Room!

I am in the process of watching the movie, War Room. I am 32 minutes in and so far so good. I even had a really great laugh a few minutes ago.

I am already sensing that there are going to be many lessons throughout this movie. But then Mr. doubt starts to creep in and I tell myself “He’s not gonna talk to me”. However, I have gotten much better with grabbing those thoughts and replacing them. So I replaced it with “I know He is going to teach me something”. “He has proven it over and over again in my life, He is going to speak to me through this movie”. And now I am starting to see the lessons reveal themselves.

One main character is Elizabeth’s husband, Tony. He makes me so angry, I just wanna say some really mean things about him but I tone it down in my mind, take a deep breath and I’m like “here you have this beautiful wife and daughter, and you are a selfish ass****”. I would give him an earful but…

Now she is supposed to be even more humble, and pray for him while still submitting? I was like “Maaan, God expects a lot from us women”. But I have to admit, the times I have been humbled myself, it was pretty amazing.

Okay, back to the movie…

Tony’s friend said something like “you aren’t just gonna let someone die right in front of you” and I automatically think “Oh man, he is literally watching his wife and daughter die”. Their hearts are breaking and yearning for his attention. Now I am sad…

I liked the “Get Involved” sign behind his friend. Get involved people!

I love this lady. “Don’t leave Jesus out, people always leavin Jesus out” (: So true

I am 57 minutes in and Elizabeth is becoming more and more beautiful as time goes on. Her humbleness is inspiring and changing things in her home. Her daughter is noticing and will have a better life because of her example.

“If God is fighting for her, you don’t have a chance, you can go to the gym all you want”.

If you don’t have the opportunity to defend yourself, you don’t have anything left but the truth.

Wow, this little girl is really learning about who God is through her parents.

You both better get in that closet together (:

Why would you take total responsibility for your wrong doing?

That was God’s Grace…

Serving others is such a blessing.

There’s no grief as great as denying the Truth until it’s to late…

Now you have to seek the Lord and teach others to fight.

Show your enemies grace and forgiveness like you have been shown.

Nothing more sexy than a man being humble… O0000h, yeah…

Heaping coals, Proverbs 25:22

You might not always win the “game” but you will win the race, 1 Corinthians 9:24

“I rather have a man chasing Jesus, than a house full of stuff”. Amen.

His love and mercies are so overwhelming.

I’m getting my list ready.

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