Bio What?

I am sitting here just kind of numb feeling and a little shaky. As some of you know I have been researching the “shot” since December (see My Human Genome Research). The moment I heard about it on the news, I knew something was wrong, it felt like a brick dropped into my gut and I have been very skeptical over the shot this whole time. I have been documenting everything I have come across and today was the very worse thing I have seen yet. So before I begin…

Warning: Don’t read this if you get scared easily. I am not someone who likes to spread information that will scare people but if we just sit and ignore things we are going to be caught unprepared. I rather you freak out now and have time to get it together. Please, research for yourself and ask God for wisdom.

Keep in mind that I am just a normal middle-aged woman who was living her life just fine in 2019 and then 2020 happened. Oh how I yearn for the days when I thought life was boring. I wish I could forget what I have learned. I wish I could just go along with the plan and have life go back to normal but I don’t think it will even if we all complied.

A couple months ago I saw a video with Dr. Tenpenny and she was explaining how mRNA works but she also mentioned that if China wanted to take us down they wouldn’t go through our military but instead use a bioweapon. She didn’t go into detail and I didn’t bother putting anymore thought into it until today.

But even before today I just never understood how a virus that has a 99% survival rate (97% for older people) and has killed less than 1% of our population, could be a reason for us to get this shot?

It is unapproved and even Fauci said in an interview with Eugenio Derbez, that the 95% means that you have a 95% chance of not showing symptoms but they aren’t sure what protections they give us??? Geert Vanden Bossche, who has created vaccines and worked with Gates is stepping up saying he is concerned that people won’t have protections against other strains if they are vaccinated.

I have tried so hard to just be nice and fill people in on info as I find it but now it’s time to step it up.

The video below blew my mind. I am sure some will call it conspiracy but come on… The Holocaust happened as well as the Nuremberg experiments. There was even a doctor who stood up and refused to use two experimental drugs on our troops during the Gulf War. They pegged her as a heartless woman who didn’t care about others when she was really trying to save their lives.

Dr. Yolanda Huet-Vaughn, a former captain in the US Army and Gulf War resistor. She based her refusal to go overseas on her fear that Gulf duty would force her to violate her Hippocratic oath as a doctor. She was specifically opposed to administering two experimental drugs, the anthrax vaccine and PB pills, a nerve gas antidote.

This doctor served jail time and fought this but still 500,000 troops were forcibly inoculated and 11,000 of them died and 100,000 were disabled. They also bypassed the FDA on this shot too. This was in the 90’s you guys!

From Kansas City to Ireland: A Response to the So-Called Transfer of Power in Iraq | Democracy Now!

Dr. Francis Boyle, in the video below, gives us a document to use when we are told we have to get the shot but is it going to matter? Or do we just need to spend the rest of our energy pointing others to Christ?

I feel like if we all just got together and fought them, we could win and our children’s futures could be bright. But then I read Scripture and I see the signs. If this is truly the end will God give us another chance to turn it around? And even if he did, some generation will have to go through it at some point.

Someone I follow on Telegram (Richard Citizen), reports from Washington and he posted a video showing a Osprey flying around Washington. Then others were posting that they saw them in their state also. They were reporting from MD, NJ, St. Augustine, S. Carolina, PA, and OH. Why are there so many military around us?

I know from Scripture that the US needs to fall and our economy is a big part of it. This whole past year has been rapidly taking us there.

I don’t know what the answers are. For now I am keeping an eye open and sharing with everyone I can. I just pray everyday and ask God what I am supposed to do. Waiting is the hardest part.

Now to the video…

COVID Vaccines Are Illegal Bioweapon Says Author of Bioweapons Law (

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