The Mask-less Bandit

I literally posted on FB that I need prayer because I am going to the grocery store. The reason I asked for that prayer is because I am going in without a mask and I am NOT doing it because I love conflict.

I know they say we are in the midst of a pandemic but after I researched this mRNA (See my piece titled My Human Genome Research – Dec) and after I calculated the numbers (See my piece titled 0.03% – March), those “conspiracy theories” just seemed more realistic.

I do believe that this was all planned and there is an agenda attached to it. I know it seems insane to think there are humans evil enough to experiment on people, no matter what it takes, but there are.

Why would we call scientists and doctors who are stepping up to warn us about the dangers, conspiracy theorists, but not the doctors standing up telling us the vaccine is all good? There is more evidence to back up the ones who are warning us than those who are supposedly helping us.

What could the agenda possibly be for those losing their jobs to help us? Really, think about it, why would doctors step up and lose their jobs to warn us about this mRNA, why is it that important to them?

Anyway, I can’t with every fiber of my being, even make myself wear it anymore. Even if that means I am one of the 0.16% that die from this virus then so be it. For now, all I have to fall back on is the fact that God created our immunities to fight these things, he created herbs for us to use to help our immunities. Vitamin D and Oregano Oil are my friends. And God is the only reason I even had the desire to start researching all this anyway. He knows it is evil.

Really, I feel like if I wear it then I am helping them to spread fear and fear leads to making rash decisions that may be very harmful. I even told my daughter that if I die due to my choice I still don’t want her to get this jab.

This poor ladies family has been forever changed due to these masks and the shot.

#healthfreedom #health #freedom #vaccine (

Another healthcare worker speaking out.

I think there are more people in this world that agree with me than those who don’t. I went to a gas station, UPS store, a butcher and a grocery store and not one person questioned why I wasn’t wearing a mask. I also saw more people out without masks than I usually do, I think people are finally starting to catch on more. Another sign of hope was that they were serving samples at the gas station and the store. I am hoping it continues and we can fight this together. Especially as places start to mandate this vaccine. There are going to be many of us homeless or in their special facilities if we don’t step up NOW.

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