I was enraged when I calculated the numbers.

I have been doing research on the injection since December (see My Human Genome Research) and one of the things I incorporated in February was the number of people who have gotten this virus or died from it.

Today I wanted to update the numbers in my blog so I called my friend who calculates millions of dollars daily due to his job. Keep in mind that my friend has been a bit of a skeptic with all of the research that I keep filling him in on, how I think this injection is part of an agenda, but the numbers WOKE HIM UP!

I asked him to look up the numbers to make sure I am reading things properly because the numbers seem pretty small to me, so I thought for sure I must be messing up. After all, the Spanish Flu Pandemic claimed 50 million lives in 1918 and they wore masks too.

So, he looks up the numbers for the amount of people who have been infected and the number of deaths, on the WHO website and confirms that they are all correct.

WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard | WHO Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Dashboard

Updated 5/13/2021

We are still at a whopping 0.04% but I also checked out vax versus cases. There have been 160,686,749 cases and 1,264,164,553 vax’s done. Hmmm, they have jabbed 1,103,477,804 more people than cases and are still pushing for everyone to participate. Does this mean anything to you yet?

Updated percentages as of 4/27/2021

Global cases 1.92% Global deaths 0.04% US cases 9.67% US deaths 0.17% As you see the numbers have not gone up much in almost 2 months. Also, can’t say it’s due to mask wearing because supposedly most have been wearing them this whole time and they also wore them during the Spanish Flu when at least 50 million people died.

What we found out after calculating the percentage made us speechless, literally speechless. As of 3/15/2021

# of cases in the USA is 29,115,662 = 7.62% of our population

# of cases globally is 119,452,269 = 1.56% of our world population

# of deaths in the USA is 529,529 = 0.14% not even 1% of our population

# of deaths in the USA based on cases = 1.82%

# of deaths globally is 2,647,662 = 0.03% of our world population, again not even 1%

# of deaths globally based on cases = 2.22%

All #’s By Country

So Wisconsin just lifted their mask mandate today, 3/31/21 and in the article I read that Biden is pleading with us to keep wearing our masks due to a 20% increase in cases over the past two weeks. That is complete BULL.

I took my numbers from 3/15, see above, and calculated the new numbers. Our cases only rose 1.5%, where the hell is 20% coming from? People WAKE UP. Stop watching the news, stop listening to these corrupt people who have one goal, to get you vaccinated.

Essentially, we are cutting off our families and destroying our lives and our children’s futures over a 1 in 4000 risk of dying from this virus.

Don’t get me wrong, these deaths are horrible and they were also preventable with the medicines that doctors have been fired for using (See my blog Found to Be An Effective Treatment).

But would you normally push your family away, wear a mask and worry about your life over a 1 in 4000 risk of anything?

Plus, they don’t even know if the shots will prevent you from getting it. The only thing they are sure of (from Fauci’s own mouth) is that you will have a 95% chance of not showing symptoms if you do get infected. Sounds more dangerous to me.


Israel is now pressuring everyone to get the injection.

We need to stop this, we need to stand up.

Some ideas I have come up with is I am going to create cards with these stats listed and hand them out in my community. I am going to contact some independent journalists and congress that are on the same page. I want to help others see that this isn’t what they say it is.

529,000 seems high until you divide it by 328,000,000 and multiply it by 100.


5 thoughts on “0.03%

  1. I am proud of you for devoting your time to research all of this on Covid. I believe people are finally not just believing and starting to question what is the real truth behind this.

  2. I’m shaking I’m so angry! I’m a freelance writer and if there’s anything that I can do to help please let me know. My email is below. I’m so proud of you and very grateful. Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment. I will reach out, still praying about next moves. I was literally trembling for a couple hours yesterday, so I feel you.

    2. Hi Sherry, I just realized I never wrote you but really that is because I haven’t come up with any ideas on fighting this and as we can see the world has gone so mad that laws don’t even seem to matter any longer…

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