It’s Complicated!

I started this piece just to share all the stories coming up about the vaccine. Please see my other piece called “My Human Genome Research” (Dec) which goes into depth on why this one is different.

So there have been almost 2000 reports, of death occurring after the vaccine, sent into VAERS. However, they say this can’t be used to prove that the vaccine killed these people. But why do they collect the information? I think it’s to see if there is a trend and it looks like there is one. This data collection is how they determine side effects. They want us to think this is complicated but really it isn’t complicated at all, people are dying after they get the vaccine, period. Yes, there have been deaths from other vaccines but the real scary part is that it’s a whole new type of “vaccine”. It is not made like our other ones used to be, therefore, they don’t know the long term side effects.

This person is doing a great job keeping track. It is so sad that this is happening…

Poor little babies…

The video below is a half truth. This is how they get away with lying. The video shows how vaccines used to be made but these current vaccines are not made by using a weakened form of the pathogen that is in COVID. The pathogen is created in a lab by technology, the instructions are man made (mRNA), so no the vaccines are not made the same way and are not tested or FDA approved.

What exactly is the body recognizing and fighting? This new shot does not have the actual virus in it… “That’s how the vaccine actually works,” Bays said. “The body recognizes it and fights it.” see article below.

Some women experiencing symptoms related to breast cancer after COVID-19 vaccine | News |

Peeling Skin? Man, 74, gets ‘rare’ severe rash all over body and says his ‘skin peeled off’ after Johnson & Johnson vaccine (

CDC to investigate death of Nebraska man who received Covid vaccine dose (

Kuwaiti actor Mishari Al-Balam dies after contracting Covid-19 | The National (

May be an image of 6 people and text that says 'Cheri Roundy Feb 6 … Where do begin? Kassidi Kurill, You were my Best friend for so many years. My ride or die. So many memories with you. You were my "Barbie doll" friend. You and your sister. always said I was the tag along for the good time. OMG my heart is so broken right now. Life is Crazy!! Hold your loved ones tight. The COVID shot took her life tonight. My heart goes out to your family & especially to your little one. Like Comment 620 Share'


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Sudden Death After COVID Vaccination (

Leaked Video Shows Facebook CEO Questioning “Long-Term Side Effects Of Modifying DNA” In COVID Vaccine – True Pundit

Hank Aaron, baseball’s one-time home run king, dies at 86 (

Some people are getting a large (but harmless) arm rash a week after the COVID-19 vaccine (

28-Year-old Wisconsin Healthcare Worker has Aneurysm – Brain Dead Five Days After Second Experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID Injection (

Bleeding sores in the mouth – article below

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