The M word…

May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'Once we have gained clarity about toxic people and know trying exactly how they operate, to look away from red flags simply does not work. Recovery demands we make hard choices to protect our healing ano the progress we've made in life. SHANNONTHOMAS.COM'

Ephesians 5:11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

Oppression – prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control. Mental pressure or distress.

I started researching what masks do to us because I was wearing one and due to my allergies I was having a really difficult time breathing. Then I thought of how they always seem to check your oxygen levels when you go to the hospital with any symptoms of a respiratory issue. My mom is also currently on oxygen. Why would oxygen be so important to us and the medical field? Isn’t covering our mouths and noses stopping the oxygen flow? What about the Carbon Dioxide that we are breathing right back in?

From a Christian standpoint, the first time I put a mask on I got sick thinking about how Muslim women are required to hide their faces and how oppressed they are. I also learned from an end time Bible study that Muslims will be one of the dominating groups in the end.

Problem is, this is how sneaky the enemy is, that they are saying it is for our good, to protect us from this deadly virus that has taken almost half a million lives. Thing is there are at least 328 million people in the US, so that doesn’t seem like much. Even more is that there is such a high survival rate.

Either way it should be my body my choice in this situation also. We allow that for abortions and sex operations but can’t make that choice when it comes to a piece of cloth over our faces? That is why God doesn’t play that grey-area game. You sin, you sin. Doesn’t matter if you lied, stole or murdered, that is sin and you need the blood of Jesus’ sacrifice to cover all the sins. Grey-area brings confusion.

The information below tells me that the nurses and police who are standing up, saying that they have been counting all deaths as COVID are telling the truth. For overall numbers to stay the same during a pandemic, doesn’t make sense.

A recent epidemiological study, currently available on the medRxiv* preprint server, demonstrates that all-cause mortality was mostly unchanged during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic compared to the previous four years in Norway and Sweden – two countries which took very different routes in their battle against this disease.

Study compares deaths in Sweden and Norway before and after COVID pandemic (

Firefighter uses a device to measure the oxygen levels in different types of masks. None of them allow us sufficient oxygen to keep our bodies safe. When you open this link you may have to click on the screen and open it in full screen mode.

Wow. OSHA says anything below 19.5 is dangerous. Masks create an atmosphere of 15 – 18 percent. The OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard (“the Standard”; 29 CFR 1910.134) uses 19.5 percent oxygen as the level below which an oxygen-deficient atmosphere exists and requires, generally, that all oxygen-deficient atmospheres be considered immediately dangerous to life or health (“oxygen-deficient IDLH”).

Clarification of OSHA’s requirement for breathing air to have at least 19.5 percent oxygen content. | Occupational Safety and Health Administration

It has been known for decades that abnormal oxygen delivery is a feature of many diseases, including heart attacks, strokes, cancer and anemia.  “Every cell in the body needs oxygen, and this is a transcription factor tasked with regulating thousands of genes,” she says. 

Understanding Oxygen Regulation: A Profound Pathway – Scientific American

The main cue that we are not breathing is not so much the lack of oxygen as the accumulation of carbon dioxide. 

Every breath you take: the process of breathing explained | Nursing Times

This is important because if we couldn’t remove carbon dioxide from our blood, it would take up all the carrying capacity of our blood and we wouldn’t be able to get oxygen to the rest of our body. This is another reason you breathe heavier when exercising — you produce carbon dioxide faster and need to get it out of your body to make room for more oxygen.

Ask a scientist: Why do we breathe out carbon dioxide? – News – Columbia Daily Tribune – Columbia, MO (

And now they want us to DOUBLE MASK!!!

Mask Study

This poor ladies family has suffered due to these masks and the shot.

#healthfreedom #health #freedom #vaccine (

Another healthcare worker speaking truth.

And another doctor worried about young children’ and the phycological effects due to masks.

A study on why many of us go along with things even if we know they are wrong.

#nursesagainstmasks #covid19 #coronavirus #corona #covid #rona #lockdown #pcrtest (

Terrifying Children Kera Daney (@kerad5390) on TikTok

Passing out from masks

b love (@blove290) on TikTok

Police say ‘excessive wearing’ of N95 mask contributed to driver passing out, crashing car | KOLR –

A Group of People Go Shopping at Trader Joe’s in Santa Cruz without Wearing Masks (

The video above is why I still wear a mask at establishments that require them. With my history of abuse I am still hesitant when it comes to confrontation but I am slowly coming out of it because the fact that my freedom is being taken away is starting to overrule my fears.

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