Don’t Let Them Change Who You Are!

I had a dream the other night and of course I chalked it up as that, but not until after I shared it with my daughter and future son-in-law.

I was with my daughter’s dad and the room we were in was futuristic like. It was like a room you would see in a movie with lots of monitors, lots of metal, nothing cozy, robotic like.

My daughter was making a poor decision, I don’t know what it was but wanted to change it. Her dad said “wait, if she has her fit bit on we can track her”. Then I woke up.

There has been many times that God has used dreams with me but often we don’t know what they mean right away, so I journal them and add to them as things are revealed. Then the next day I saw an article that said “Facebook wants to monitor your body with a smart watch”.

Report: Facebook Wants to Monitor Your Body with a Smartwatch (

This article mentions monitoring our actions and virtual reality. I asked God what he is trying to show me and now I wait.

We do need to be very careful about what we take part in, even if it is just technology or a vaccine. These things are taking us closer to the Tribulation and we need to be careful, we can’t just trust people like we used to and we need to seek God for answers.

The enemy likes to mimic God, he wants to be God. He will try to mimic the Holy Spirit also. The Spirit is where we receive our new character, we become more like God through the Spirit.

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