A Cozy Blanket…

Matthew 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

At work I am in the process of creating tags for Christmas gifts. There are tags for items such as toys, household items, and comforters.

As I was typing these tags out to get them ready for donors I was thinking of how people will be so excited to take the tags to do with toys, since Christmas morning brings those kinds of thoughts. However, people don’t tend to think of items such as comforters as a gift because most people have them all year long and we miss out on how God can use them to show us His love.

Then I started to think of laying in bed with a cozy blanket and pillow and how much more of an impact that can make in a person’s life, than a toy.

I thought of how people are so busy trying to find something better, something that will fulfill them that a lot of us miss out on the simple things that God is using to try and show us his love.

I thought of being a child in an unstable and scary situation and how laying under a nice, new blanket brought me comfort.

I also thought of how God already knew who was going to pick the tags I was creating and how He already knows the people who will receive them.

These comforters are already chosen for specific people and they will bring them comfort at night. God tries to show us His love everyday through so many things and yet we miss it because we are worrying about tomorrow.

Worrying does not just mean that you have troubles such as finances or relationships. Worry also means thinking ahead about obtaining the things that we think will make us feel complete, worthy, or loved.

Yet, if we just thought about today and the purpose that is there for us, then maybe we could “feel” His love and see our purpose, in the warmth of a comforter.



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