Sippy Cups And Crumbs…

I don’t even know where to begin… Other than to say obedience to God is amazing. Sacrifice is amazing.

God has asked me and my daughter to take in four people at different times in order to help them to have the opportunity to get on their feet, out of rough situations, and to grow to know him and we have taken them all. In return we have received so much purpose and joy in our lives that it is often overwhelming because of His goodness and just watching Him work in these people’s lives and situations.

Does everything always work out the way we wanted them to when we are obedient to God’s call? Unfortunately the answer is no.

Two of the people he had us take in went back to bad situations because they chose to walk past the open doors God gave them. However, I know seeds were planted and even though those situations didn’t work out as we had hoped we were still blessed during those seasons.

Fortunately, the very first person we experienced this with has an amazing story to tell and we are still friends to this day. Now the fourth one is on the right path and it looks really good.

However, this one has been MY most challenging mission yet because I have taken in a young mom and her toddler. I have had to learn to be extra patient and to sacrifice my comfort in so many ways.

Back story on me is that I cope with my inner chaos by having my environment completely in place, meaning clean, organized, and very routine.

Yet, when you have a toddler around that seems to go right out the window (:

My living room is no longer a show case for my candles and knick knacks, but instead it has turned into a gym or play center with a princess ball pit right in the center of it all. Instead of my sixth kitchen chair complete with matching placemat, I have a bare spot on the table because she likes to whip the placemat onto the floor, and a highchair instead of the kitchen chair. When I open my cabinet I see sippy cups where my coffee cups once were and there always seems to be crumbs on the floor because they tend to get whipped around when she is eating and no matter how much you sweep they always seem to appear.

Don’t get me wrong, it was tough on me the first couple of weeks. I felt like my world was falling apart but I worked through it and realized that candles and placemats don’t really matter when it comes down to the lives of those God wants to help.

I am so honored that God would choose me, a person who often sees herself as a complete mess, as someone He trusts with the lives of those that he places in my home.

This world and the the comfort it offers us here in America is not home. We are here to do His work for His Kingdom, which we will have the Joy of partaking in when we pass from this sad and broken world. I can’t wait to see Him and have Him tell me what a great job I did.




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