He Is Electric!!!

John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

I watched a movie named “Lucy” tonight. It was a movie where this girl was injected with drugs that increased her brain capacity. She started being able to do and feel things normal human beings can’t. As I watched this movie I started to see Jesus (God) and what He has done in my life.

First, God protects us from things that are too much for us. Yes, I know you can’t find that exact passage in Scripture, but take all of Scripture and your experience in life and see that it is true. People in Scripture that were in His presence fell at His feet, like in Revelation 1:17 and couldn’t look directly at Him (but read all of Revelation because it is our future). Second, humans only use 10% of their brains. God protects us from His full power. And since He created our brains which is our soul, which stores memories and feelings etc, He only increases it little by little, even through our healing. Otherwise the full power of it would be too much.

I know in my past I needed liquid courage to accomplish anything, even if it was what most would think of as trivial. But as I have grown with God, I have become more than I ever imagined and without the liquid I once needed. This doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle, it means that the power it once held is less because His power has become more. I can see people’s sin the moment I meet them, which means that I can see what holds them back from knowing Jesus (God). I can take the smallest verse and break it down to you for an hour if you would let me. I can be completely vulnerable and speak in front of others. I feel compassion for others and their pain to where I cry for those I don’t even know sometimes. These are my gifts. And they weigh a heavy burden on me sometimes which means I need to go to God more and more.

When I tell people about God, those that are still blind to Him think I am brain washing myself with Scripture like they are with words. The thing is though, that the words become alive in me before I even know they exist. For example, when I was saved I instantly stopped popping pills and smoking weed, I instantly stopped swearing, I instantly stopped having sex, an STD I had for 17 years was gone and I was instantly no longer angry. I thought what is happening to me? And I instantly knew to pick up a Bible. I found through my research that I received the Holy Spirit which is only attainable through believing that Jesus died for my wrong doing and rose so I could receive Him as a Spirit inside of my human body and go to Heaven (being Born Again).  And my love for others has been increasing, even for my enemies, ever since. And as we all know this is not the natural human response to those who have hurt you. I am also brought to my knees at times because of the overwhelming love I feel from Him.

Life is not this constant high though, even with God, because without struggle we wouldn’t see the power that we really hold within us because of Him, we wouldn’t see who He really created us to be. It is tough at times because it seems like the dessert lasts so much longer than the freedom and growth. But the feeling and the change from deep within (the Spiritual growth) during the good times is so powerful that I am willing to go through the dessert, which is how we grow.

It is like that liquid courage but sober and times 1 million. It makes me a better person, more effective for others. There is no better purpose than to help someone else to feel or see God’s love in that very moment they need it. His blood runs through our veins whether you  want to believe it or not.

When I listen to Electronica such as D2 by Hydrargyrum, I can connect with Him so deeply because so many of us connect through music that we can feel. He is deep, like electric running through your veins. But He actually becomes reality to where you know it’s not you or the words you read, but actual power that is not of yourself.


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