Matthew 6:31 So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’

God is so amazing. I have been really in tune with people and how selfish they are since I was Saved. So many people in this world only care about themselves and how they can deceive people or be outright rude to benefit themselves. Recently I noticed it at the food pantry when that mom used her kids and her friend who was first in line, so she could be second in line instead of 30th like she should have been. I noticed it when that guy went out of turn and cut off the other car at the 4 way stop, then had the audacity to honk at the one who was in the right because they almost collided.

I couldn’t help but to think how these people were showing Satan’s character? Did they really benefit in the long term from cutting someone off or being second in line? Is it worth not following God, who would have let everyone go before himself?

I really write this post because God has made my life so peaceful. I have been out of work for 2.5 months and I had a $100 dollars in savings when I was let go from my job. Yet, I have been able to pay my bills through the 1st of January and I have had peace this whole time and I also knew a month ago that I would be working for a specific organization, I just had to be patient.

But I truly believe that the reason I have confirmation about things, I am taken care of and have peace through seemingly hopeless times is because I take steps to change and follow God which ultimately makes me more like Him.

I learn from His Word, I learn about the things I need to change to be a better person and I practice them step by step and because of this I have peace in most situations.

The past couple months I have had more food than I ever had, my bills have been paid and I have money to go to the thrift store and buy some new clothes for my new position.

My friend and I fasted and prayed for me to get a job offer yesterday and I received an offer with the organization I knew (a month ago) I would be working with today. And all this time I have been provided for.

This to me is worth more than being 2nd in line at the food pantry because I am deceitful. I had a paid 2.5 month long vacation because I have a serious relationship with God.

To be with Satan gives you temporary short lived satisfaction but God gives you long term peace and provision.

In my past I would have ran to the first dead end position I could find to make money. But I waited (even though some people thought I was crazy or even lazy) and trusted God and He brought me a position where I will yet again have purpose.

So I ask you to really think about this question. Are the short cuts really worth it in the end?


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