Are You Trying?

At times I have trouble believing God loves me. I think I fall into the problem of thinking I have to get it perfect for him to think of me at all, which would be depending on works.

Well, tonight he showed me different…

I had been out of work for over two months and received a job offer today with an organization I can believe in. I was starting to think that the sin I still did not overcome is holding me up and that God might not answer my prayer until I get it perfect.

But tonight he told me “You are trying to overcome”. It made me think about how I tell my daughter “If I just see you trying, I will show you grace”.

I do still believe that we can’t live this life the way we choose and ignore what God is telling us, but if we are trying he sees that and blesses it.

Thank you God for showing me that you see my efforts and although I haven’t gotten it perfect yet, you see that I am not ignoring you.

I Thank You God for blessing and loving those who are struggling so much in their hearts yet still seem like sinners to the world. I ask you to show your children that their efforts matter, no matter how small they may think they are. Amen

UPDATE… After I posted this I recived an email from my church saying that they would be paying my whole rent (I had only asked for $350) for December. I am just so overwhelmed by God right now. He is confirming that I have heard him and I have been following Him to the best of my ability. He sees and blesses it all. DON’T IGNORE HIM!!!

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