How to process through…

When you have experienced traumatic events in your childhood, and never had the guidance to process through it, the pain and feelings are still stuck deep down inside.

That scared little girl is still inside of you. As an adult, you need to take her hand, help her process those feelings that she felt, and let God take her hand. This way you stop holding onto her and live in freedom from what you experienced.

God will bring to mind one piece at a time. The first reaction is to stuff and numb the feelings. You can do this by using money, material items, TV, video games, food, drugs, and alcohol etc.

Whatever you choose is probably passed down by seeing the example of how your family coped.

Now when a thought comes to mind, when something is triggered is me, instead of running to stuff it down, I stop. I then connect to how my little girl felt. I acknowledge her feelings (which can feel real again) and let her know that it is no longer reality. I grieve what she endured and then I visually put her hand in God’s hand and let him take her away. I set her free.

This is not an easy process. Maybe not even an instant process, but overtime she becomes less, until she is no longer there.

Nobody wants to feel those feelings again, but if she is imprisoned within you, you will not move forward. You will be forever stuck in the pain and bitterness.

It is important to have support that you can reach out to in case you can’t process on your own. It is important to have a relationship with Jesus, so that you have someone to hand her and those old feelings over to.

As I have walked through these steps my urge to numb has lessened and I have slowly started to see the real me come to life.

Remember He is there and if you recognize that He will set you free.

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