What does it mean to produce fruit? Lesson through a potato…

John 15:4 Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.I have brought up the topic of whether you can choose of your own free will, to deny Christ and lose your Salvation once you have already been born again. 

I see this Scripture as God saying “IF you remain in me, I will remain in you”. If we could never turn from Him then why would He even say this?

I believe that we can turn from God because we have “free will” to do so. I am not saying it would be easy but I believe it is possible. I believe that is why God gives us these Scriptures, so that we aren’t blind to the possibility and we work toward producing fruit in order to become more like Him. It is much harder to turn away from yourself.

So many people say “no, it is not possible” because Jesus died on the cross and if we believe that then His grace is enough. Seems so simple, yet our God is not a simple God.

I believe that we are to produce fruit as it says in Scripture. Many believe that this means to just say sorry for the wrong you have done and ask God to forgive you. Again, very simple.

When I bring up the Scriptures that actually say “Those who stand firm until the end will be saved” I have cozy comforting Scriptures brought up in rebuttal, yet nobody can share anything deep with me, proving their view. They say “it is Scripture, what else is needed”? However, what I show is also Scripture.

Others accuse me of being legalistic. Yet, I have known the cross and God’s Grace probably deeper than most of the people telling me I am wrong, because of how broken I was. I believe that is why I cling to God and take Him so seriously. I was so broken it hurt so bad, when I accepted His help my life was transformed so drastically, I was transformed inside my soul so drastically, that I can’t help but to take Him at His Word.

God says we are to produce fruit or be thrown in the fire. As I have truly repented and turned back to God I have become stronger and bolder. I have seen that I have worth and have actually become very wise in the way I deal with others. Only God could have changed me in these ways.

I asked God to give me more clarity on producing fruit, I asked if it’s really as simple as saying sorry and asking forgiveness.

While I was peeling potatoes He taught me a lesson. That’s God for you, never wasting a thing.

I bought some regular brown potatoes and I started to scrub them, trying to get off the filth. God showed me that I can scrub the surface as hard as I want but I will never get out the pesticides or bad stuff, that was deeply embedded into the whole being of the potato.

That potato remained in that bad soil long enough to become bad even though we can’t see the bad with the naked eye.

We can say sorry and ask forgiveness every time we sin, but to really get into the depth of it and produce fruit we need to let God into the inner places of our hearts and souls, so that He can change us and help us to truly repent. This is the only way to get the inner filth cleaned out and become more pure like Jesus.

We then become more like Him, we take on our Father’s character as His children. We become stronger and this to me is what we need in order to endure hard situations and never turn from Him because of our weakness.

Many say this is depending on works because I am depending on my actions to help me endure, but then I can say that you believe the same because you are depending on your decision of accepting Him in the first place for your Salvation.

None of us could have accepted Him without Him opening our eyes and I don’t believe anybody can endure the end times without becoming like Him by producing true “fruit” now.

To just ask forgiveness is going through the motions.

Just like all the people who have said they accepted Christ with their mouths, yet there is no proof in their lives. They went through the motions.

Are you going through the motions of Salvation or are you working out your Salvation with fear and trembling?

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