The dangers of New Years resolutions!!!

It is sad to me that people see New Years Day as a time of hope, a chance to make resolutions to be a better person this year.

The fitness clubs busiest times are January and February because people decide they are going to get into shape this year. But it dies down again in March because people have made a resolution without putting a plan in place.

Do people really think they can make a major change in their lives without putting a plan in place, getting support, and taking it small steps at a time, just because the year changed? Does that really seem realistic?

I think of New Years resolutions as another way for the enemy to set people up for failure, ultimately causing them to feel even worse about themselves, making them become even worse people because of their bitterness from their failure.

I am so grateful that I have Christ, everyday is New Years, another chance to take those steps toward being a better person with His strength and guidance.

God taught me a great lesson today. He taught me that I have been focusing on “Victory” in a way that is setting me up for failure and more struggling.

I think many of us see victory as completing or becoming perfect in a certain area and until that is completed there is no victory in our lives.

But if we took all of our big goals and actually planned out small steps to move toward them and then took it one step at a time, we would experience many victories throughout the year.

So if I were to make a resolution today it would be to write out my goals and the steps toward attaining them in order to celebrate every little victory or step I take.

The best part is that if we do get stuck, God’s grace is there to give us endless chances so that we don’t give up and feel as though we are defeated.

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