Lord, where are your people?

I am so distraught over the church today.

I work for a ministry where we try to bring the body together to help the community around them, to love on others who need help, earn their trust, and change their view of the church and God.

We had a client who’s husband is a vet in a nursing home and she needed help loading a truck in Round Lake Park and unloading in Waukegan because they have to move because her and her granddaughter are disabled and receiving no money from disability as of yet.

We put the word out to 21 churches and over 600 individual Christians. We had 2 older gentlemen offer to help. We showed up at 9:30 to do this ourselves. We did a great job and got most of their belongings out on their lawn and then we had to leave. We are spent and can’t go any further.

I feel horrible for these women and small children, I can feel their despair. What now????? How are they going to load a truck and unload a truck on their own?

Where is the church???? I understand its the weekend but if we had enough people show up we could have had that whole loading job done within an hour or two.

I really understand why people say that the church doesn’t care. It is times like this that is confirmed to me.

I just don’t understand…..

I feel like I just evicted these women out into the street.

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