I just wanted you to know…

I really miss you today…

You were/are my best friend, the only one who understood my talk about me, life, and “Christians”.

I wish I could talk to you today but I can’t.

I pray you are following what God wants for you and that you are putting the effort into following Him and the steps in your path.

Remind me to tell you about our fundraiser breakfast today…

And the potential of my future with being an Executive Director down the road…

Anyway, I know there was a reason for this break and we will see in March what is left. All I know for sure is God is amazing and no matter what, we both have a purpose and a person for the future…

See that is what life is all about, our purpose and the path God has for us.

We were created by a God who loves us and died for us (Jesus) and He only wants the best for our lives. We have this idea for what is best for us but then we fail over and over again. Yet the minute we follow Him, from the first step, it’s like we are breathing new life and we accomplish something we never knew was possible.

We had this whole big picture of what would make us happy and then as we follow Him this picture might change and we are so full of Joy we don’t think we could handle another minute of it. We just want to scream out to the world that Jesus is King and He knows best if we just take that step of Faith.

Anyway the point is that we will talk again and I pray we have so many things to tell each other about what God has done. Although we may feel right now, that we want to talk, in 6 months it will be so much better no matter what.

Sweet dreams my friend…

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