Why I love my job!

Love INC has been working with this woman named Deb for a year now. When she came to us she was in need of a car because the car that she had was no longer able to be driven and was to costly to fix. But she wasn’t able to part with it because it was her last connection to her son who was killed.

She ended up coming in and volunteering with us and through these interactions we were able to see her pain from the loss of her son and how severely depressed she was. She would say that she wanted to die and be with her son again. However, she did say that coming to Love INC and volunteering with us brought her spirits up and she enjoyed the time she spent with us.

About 6 months ago she started having medical issues, which made her have to stop volunteering and she was in need of rides to her doctors offices and hospitals. We connected her with a woman named Carol from LifeBridge church who was willing to give her these rides and since Deb used to go to LifeBridge it just seemed right.

Carol and another woman named Martha faithfully took Deb for her blood tests, ultrasounds, and cat scans.

Unfortunately, Deb got some really bad news about a month ago. She was told that something was wrong with her liver and if she didn’t seek treatment right away she would probably die.

Deb debated just letting herself die because then she would be reunited with her son, but then after a few weeks she decided that she wanted to live and was now worried because she waited to start her treatment.

Well today was her appointment with the specialist and nobody from LifeBridge was able to take her but I decided that I would do it and I believe that there was an apparent reason that God needed me to this time.

When Deb came out of the office she was smiling and told me that she was fine. Her doctor came into the office and told her that he didn’t have an answer or reason but her last blood test came back and she was fine, death is no longer an option for her.

I said “it was God, I just witnessed another miracle”. Deb said she was thinking the same thing. It was at this point that I was able to share with her that when I found God I was miraculously healed of a disease that I had for 17 years and almost died from.

There is no mistaking that we have an awesome God who still heals to this day.

Deb was shocked the whole drive home but started telling me how all the sudden everything in her life is falling into place.

It was like watching someone come to life.

She told me about Carol and how loving, classy yet humble, and how welcoming she is.
How Larry another of our volunteers came over yesterday to look at the leak in her basement which has now produced black mold, and said that it would be fixed next week.

The best part yet is about that car that she couldn’t part with…. And the car she still needed.

She finally let go and junked it for $300.00 and found a neighbor who was selling a jeep that just needs a battery and a hose replaced and he sold it to her for $300.00.

I believe letting go of the car is her first huge step to healing from the death of her son. That her having this death threat was God’s way of her deciding finally that she wanted to live.

Disability seemed to be her only option for surviving but she is now excited to get this battery and go apply for jobs while being able to say she has transportation.

We prayed and thanked God for all the blessings in her life before she got out of the car and as she got out she told me “I love you” and popped her head back in and asked when she could call me to get back to volunteering.

So we couldn’t get her the car she came to us for, but through Love INC and LifeBridge partnering together we were able to be used by God to transform a woman’s life by loving her and not giving up.

Deb still has a lot of healing ahead of her but I believe that God has great plans for her life.

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