So honored and blessed!

It’s been a while since I have blogged because I have been so busy adjusting to working again (:

As many of you know I was out of work for 2 years. In that whole 2 years I got one phone interview and one in person interview. I was getting frustrated and asking God why He wasn’t getting my resume through to anyone. 

When I first started looking, I asked God for a job in ministry or social work where I could talk about Him. The kicker was I don’t have a degree in anything. All those types of jobs were asking for one. I gave up on looking at those jobs after a while and started looking for anything. 

The day before my unemployment was up I received a call from a ministry, where I had volunteered for over a year, and was offered a job as a volunteer coordinator. I accepted of course and was in awe of God once again. 

The thing was I never freaked out. I knew God had a plan and I thought He told me that my job wasn’t available yet. It wasn’t ready because it didn’t exist yet. It came about out of no where. It was created just for me doing what I wanted to do. 

So I am working in a ministry, I talk about God everyday with everybody. I get to watch volunteers break out into prayer for each other when needed and I get to pray with clients and my bosses when ever I want. 

I get to watch God perform miracles for our clients everyday. All I have to do is be His hands and feet directing people where He wants them to be. I get to watch broken people come closer to believing in Him because of the selfless people who give of their time, so He can do what He wants through them. 

I am so honored that God let’s me be a part of this. That He trusts me with the broken hearts of so many that call us for help. 

The greatest part is that we don’t just help with material item’s but become a part of these people’s lives in so many other ways, to see them grow in their lives and out of their situations. 

We are simply here to join the body of Christ (the Church) together with the community around them, that need their Love and time.

How simple, yet so powerful.

I can’t believe that even though I go against Him so many times in my walk, He still thinks enough of me to bless me in these ways. 

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