Fake Christians?

When someone says they are Christian, don’t believe it until you see if they walk with Him. That is a real Christian. Not that a real Christian won’t sin and we def won’t be perfect, but our hearts are in love with God and we struggle everyday with our sin, we aren’t content with it and we don’t accept it.

When you are around “Christians” for example, and they are drinking, it is wrong for a couple reasons. 

First, God says over and over drinking is wrong, it will bite you like a snake. There is so much Scripture about it, why? Because it destroys lives and it holds you in bondage. So many people think they don’t have a problem because they only do it when their out or on weekends etc, that is an alcoholic, just so you know. Yet, they justify it and say, I don’t have a problem, so it isn’t against God. 

The greatest reason it’s wrong and nobody can justify this, I know first hand, is that you are leading others to sin, you are leading non Christians to think Christianity is a party. I know so many people who are hanging onto their walk with God by a string and when they see you party and your this supposed good upstanding Christian, they can justify their sin by saying, “Well, so and so does it, so it must not be sin”. 

Christians are supposed to be family, lift each other up, carry each other, guide each other in the Truth. It is so hard to find real genuine (born again) Christians who have these values. I see so much selfishness and deception. 

Going to a Bible study and having a prayer group in your home does not meet your quota, then turn around and go party, bringing others into sin, others who do struggle. 

We are all going to be accountable in front of God, what will you say when God opens your eyes to all the people you failed? People He placed in your life to help and instead you hurt by keeping your eyes shut, or by your example?

A real Christian looks different, their lives look different from the outside. 

Does yours?

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