Ladies, your worth more!

Love is a two way street…..

God loves us no matter what. He doesn’t give up on us when we aren’t doing what He asked right away. He will never hurt us, make us jealous, or make us cry, unless they are tears of healing.

A man should do the same for us. No human is perfect, but a man connected to God will hurt you less often and will catch it alot faster.

A woman needs love and appreciation. A man needs respect.

A woman loves and respects by even doing the smallest things.

If you love her hair when her bangs are tossed to the side, she will change it. If you prefer her dog being fed 2 x’s a day instead of having food out all day, she will do that. She will think about you all day and send you pics of items you are looking for when they are on sale. She will encourage you in the areas you may be weak. She will be patient when you are unperceptive to all she does.

When do you draw that line between being patient and letting it go?

I think when you cry more than boast about your relationship, it is time to call it quits.

No bouquet of flowers or $10.00 bill is enough to show you he actually loves you. That’s the easy route.

When he takes your feelings into consideration and acknowledges how much you love him, you have a keeper. He is in tune not only with what you do but also with God.

Every human being is the same. They love when they are loved. They are selfish and inconsiderate. When God is the foundation in their lives, they want you to be happier than them. they put you on a pedestal and want to present you to God without blemish, meaning they will never put you in a situation to be jealous or angry. They will never put themselves into a situation where they could be enticed and go against your relationship.

Ladies, you are worth more. Jesus thought you were worth dying for, why settle for less?

Respect your man and if he doesn’t love you the same, then maybe it’s time to let go.

Not meaning he is a bad man, he just may not be ready for how deeply you can love him.

Go with you initial gut feeling. Don’t let the occasional apologies or kind words blur the Truth of the matter. If you do, you are just prolonging the inevitable.

If he isn’t walking and committing to Christ, he will never learn how to love you. He won’t understand the boundaries in your relationship. He won’t have the strength to stand up to the world for you.

If he can’t do these things and lead your relationship in a healthy manner, then it is better off to just be with the man who will love you that way.


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