People with no conscience!

1 Timothy 4:2 Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.

As some of you know my grandma passed and she left everything to her neighbors. I was able to talk to her in the end about Jesus and salvation and we prayed together for her to receive His Spirit. I am grateful for that, but am still so sad for my mom and uncle. 

My grandma never helped my mom in life and mentally and emotionally abused her. Unfortunately it has affected the quality of our family over the years from all the pain my mom carries inside of her. The good thing now is that my grandma can’t hurt her anymore and my grandmas worst fears came true through her decisions.

Grandma always said to please not throw her things out and to keep all memorabilia in the family. Well, the people she chose didn’t carry out any of her verbal wishes. She was buried where she didn’t want to go, her animals and family members that she had in urns, were to be buried with her and we don’t even know where they are. All her stuff and the family memories were thrown away.

My grandma was a bitter woman and stabbed the family even to her grave. We were all there for her on and off, because breaks were needed because of the abuse. Yet she says in her will nobody was there for her ever. I even lived with her for awhile so she could come home from the hospital, then when she felt better she kicked me out. 

These people who told her 8 years ago they wanted her car (77 Nova) and property if she ever wanted to sell, swooped in when my Uncle asked them to notify us if she got sick again and needed us, because she was kicking me out and wanted nothing to do with us anymore. We never received a call until a doctor called my Uncle and told him she was in the hospital. Again, we came to her and she wanted us to start taking care of her again because she was scared of this woman. But then she passed. 

I have talked to this couple during multiple visits to my grandmas and they would act as if they knew God, yet couldn’t even give my mom wedding photos or anything. My mom asked how people can do these things and live with themselves?

I gave her the verse above. People fall so far from God that they no longer are affected by their conscience. I pray these people get saved but I also pray that they live Hell on this earth, that their shame becomes so unbearable that they have no choice but to make it right with God. 

No matter how far we run from Him, it’s all the same, shame will fall upon you and affect you til you repent. 


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