Bitterly serving Satan!

Matthew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters, Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.

I just had a lesson in this today, from God’s Word.

For the past week I have been miserable, feeling far from God and empty. The reasons are, my grandma died and left all her money and home etc to some neighbors instead of the family and my parents could have really used the help, when it came to money and emotional support, my grandma was not nice to the family and never helped anyone, but when we came to visit she acted like we were the light in her world. I have been looking for a job the past year and a half with nothing so far. God moved us to a town where my daughter is not happy at school.

I have always been able to be content and see the blessings in the midst of the dark parts, but since grandma died and she hurt my family one last time, I have been bitter. I have focused on the negative and became miserable. I wanted to give up on this Christian walk and just go back into survival mode. I am sick of seeing non believers prosper, receiving opportunities and things hand over fist. God showed me in Matt 6:24 today that I am focusing on the enemy and the darkness.

I feel so much better today, I am back on the road of being content and knowing that God let all these things happen for reasons we may never know, but we can trust that they are for our good.

Now my thinking is better. I was able to take my grandma through the salvation message before she died and pray with her to receive the Spirit and teach her what repentance is. The home God provided is free while I get on my feet and it’s in a community where I can relate from my past and bring the light into the darkness. My daughter might not like her school but it’s only because she hasn’t made any good friends yet, but the opportunities are there, so maybe she just needs to have more of an open heart about it.

The non believers who seem to get everything, will only get that. They will never be content and will be forever enslaved to getting. They are miserable and the only time they aren’t is when they get something and then that wears off or runs out and they have to search again. 

Having a grateful heart for what we do have really makes a difference in being content and having Joy.

I am so sorry that I had an ungrateful heart and became bitter over something that doesn’t even bring me peace. I love God and all He has done for us, I can never give that up for anything in this world. 

When I serve God I am so happy there are no words to explain it. As I was serving Satan this week, I saw that I couldn’t have been more miserable.

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