Idols from the dead!!!!

My grandma finally passed away. I was blessed with the opportunity to go and take her through the gospel/salvation message. We talked about how saying you believe in Jesus is not the same as believing in your heart and being born again. She wanted to pray for the Spirit and so we did. I spoke to her about repenting but don’t know if she was in the frame of mind to do so. I guess I won’t know if she is in Heaven until I get there and see for myself. 

In our family there has been a problem with idolizing humans and then when they die, they are still worshiped and control the family.

My grandpa died when I was 5 years old and the family fell apart. Grandma idolized and lived for grandpa the whole rest of her life. She stayed in a house she couldn’t take care of and isolated herself there, living in this fantasy land that she built for herself. She lived out 0% of her purpose here on earth. She lived for a dead man and lost relationship with most of her family members. 

We went many years at a time without seeing her because my mom couldn’t stand the abuse. My grandma wouldn’t listen when my mom tried to tell her how she felt and just believed my mom was evil for not talking to her at times, because she really believed she didn’t do anything wrong. 

This was the same type of situation with my great grandma. It’s called generational curses. Take a look at what you didn’t like about your parent and more than likely you are doing the same thing.

When I met God, I broke these things, I saw my faults and what I was doing to my daughter. God broke the curses, but I had to admit and repent of my sin. He has changed and restored me and my daughter. I am so thankful for this. 

I will never idolize the dead or the living, nobody but God will control me or my moods. I am living out my purpose and it is so fulfilling. 

I pray the curses can be broken in others in the family also. If you are living for another human being, you are idolizing them. You will never live out God’s purpose for you. 

Is a person who is dead or alive worth missing out on so much?


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