Another victory through a painful situation!

I don’t even know what Scripture to use for this, there are so many. Scriptures that would go with this are trusting God, being transformed, being healed, being victorious. 

I have been in Mary Kay for 2 years now and have done nothing with it due to my fear of approaching others about it. I mainly use it to get my products half off. The only reason I joined was because I knew God was telling me that I was going to lose my job and to join Mary Kay to replace it. So I did.

I did lose my job and have been on unemployment for almost a year and a half, with no success in finding a job. I had made the decision last week to just forget Mary Kay. I thought maybe it was just one of those doors God opened to see if I would obey and then shut. 

I have been praying to God telling Him I need a structured way to get out there and motivation. 

Since my friend was beaten by her boyfriend (see last blog) I have found my motivation. God not only used that situation to give her hope and a future but He also did that for me. 

Mary Kay funds many different causes and one of them is to help women and children survivors of domestic violence. I want to support that cause through my business now. The motivation I have now is strong, I even feel determined enough to not take no as an answer. This business is now about something bigger than me. Supporting my family and having my own business wasn’t enough to motivate me.

I plan on getting organized with the help of my director and hitting up companies to let me in and promote this business to help heal and empower women who have been so badly hurt by the ones they love. 

God is so amazing. He answers every prayer we cry out to Him, in His perfect timing. I have 3 months left on unemployment so this timing couldn’t have been better. 

I will keep you posted on my progress and hope to tell you good news. If not though, it is okay because I have already been changed just by what He has done so far. 

I never dreamed in my past because my worth was so low from abuse, so to even dream that I can do this, is progress in it’s own. 

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