Beaten by the one you love!

Genesis 50:20-21 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. So then, don’t be afraid. I will provide for you and your children. And he reassured them and spoke kindly to them. 

Wow, where to begin. Some of you know I met someone who God told me to help. I took this woman into my home and helped her to get away from her abusive boyfriend, he was abusive in every way but physical. Well, he sweet talked her into giving him another chance, saying he was going to Church, Bible studies and counseling etc. She fell for it like so many women do and he beat the crap out of her Friday night. 

He was arrested and charged with strangulation, suffocation, battery, and disorderly conduct. He was somehow released today. 

She came to me and I just held her in my arms as she cried. I brought her to a woman at our Church who has been helping her also, we prayed and made calls, she got a spot in a shelter, still close to his home though. We called some more places today and she found another spot pretty far away. It is much nicer, and God even thought of all the little details, for example, they have a zumba wii (she loves zumba), there is also a woman who loves reading her Bible staying there. 

I was meditating today asking God what I am going to do for a job and He gave me the verse above for her instead (: I am guessing that means He is telling me to wait on my answer. 

She also lost her children in her divorce because her ex was abusive and she had to run from him and by the time she got the nerve to go back for her kids, he went to court saying she abandoned them and he got custody. So she wants her kids back also. 

So the verse above spoke to her big time and she just cried out of Joy for what God is promising her from His Word. 

God is so amazing. His Spirit is awesome. When you see  woman who was just beat jumping up and down about being in a shelter, you know she is a born again Christian. His Joy over powers everything else. The excitement of her future healing and what He is going to use her for is beyond compare to anything in this world. 

The purpose God has brought into my life with the women He has brought to me is amazing. For Him to trust me enough to bring His broken daughters to ME makes me speechless. It shows me that I have grown and healed so much. I never would have thought I would be the woman I am today. 

One last thing, I was feeling her pain after this happened, I thought initially that it was my feelings from past situations coming back and that I wasn’t healed from my pain. I realized though that it was empathy, because I can relate, I have felt that pain. I cried for her pain and then I was fine. It is good to remember where you came from so you don’t lose that compassion. 

The hardest part in a situation like that is the emotional pain of being hurt that badly by the one person you wanted to love the rest of your life, that you loved with all your heart. 

I thought of Jesus on his way to the cross, being beat beyond recognition. I thought of how He must have felt, the deep sadness, that the ones He loves so much hurt Him so badly. He died on a cross for us after all we do against Him (John 3:16). I flogged Him with my sin and what He did for me was give me real LIFE, HEALING and so much PURPOSE. 

There are no words…………..

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