We can learn from Tamar’s situation!

2 Samuel 13:14 But he refused to listen to her, and since he was stronger than she, he raped her. 

I have become a Rape Crisis Medical Advocate/Counselor recently. I trained for 40 hours and am almost ready to be called out on assignments. 

I will be on call and when someone is sexually assaulted (raped), I will be called out to the hospital to be with them, offer support, be their voice, while offering comfort and resources. 

The center offers all their services for free, and are having a walk/run to raise funds to keep this going. I have started a team to support this cause and was asking God what I should name the team. 

As I was thinking God reminded me about Davids daughter Tamar in 2 Samuel, she was raped by her half brother at a young age. Most assaults happen by someone you know, not a stranger, and children being sexually abused is becoming a huge problem in our society. So our team is called Tamars Advocates. 

So many people try to stay blind in their own little world, trying to believe this kind of evil doesn’t happen. It does happen though, alot. Statistically, by the time your done reading this 5 people will have been raped, and those are just the ones reported. 

In the story of Tamar it says in verse 1 that her brother fell in love with her, then in verse 15, after he rapes her, it says that he hated her and threw her out of the home. 

How many people mistaken lust for love these days? How many women lure men to them by wearing revealing clothes etc, and then get assaulted, when all they wanted was to be loved?

The world has gone crazy sexually. It’s like shaking someone’s hand. It is widely accepted and has become so popular with young teens. 

I do believe the world has followed Satan’s lead in this, he took the most sacred union that is meant to strengthen a marriage and turned it into a hobby or entertainment. It has now become a weapon. 

The problem is so huge now, it seems impossible to change. It can be changed one person at a time though. That is what I intend to do. 

Yes, women shouldn’t be walking around half naked and even scarier, while drunk, but does that give anyone the right to take their body? NO

Men are to keep their eyes to themselves, is it hard? YES

God knows visually, men will be stimulated. The enemy also knows that. Do you see most women working for God or Satan, by how they dress? Do you see men being strong and keeping their eyes away from things that will draw them in the wrong direction? 

In verse 5 and 6 it shows that the plan focuses around Amnon watching her make food, keeping his eyes on her, making him lust even more. How many shows, magazine covers, or pornography do you let into your sight?

God tells us to dress modestly, not to get drunk, and to not have lustful thoughts, even if that means gouging out your eyes (keeping out of situations or places), then do so, for a reason. He created us, he knew what was going to hurt us and draw us in the wrong direction. How powerful sex would be. 

God also says to not hang around fools. In verse 5 it says that Amnon’s own cousin told him what to do in order to get her alone so he could rape her. 

How many times do your friends or family say, especially to males, “ya, go get her, bag that, I would like to hit that myself”?

Then everyone wants to keep it hushed and ignore it, because there is so much shame and pain in a sexual assault situation. Even in the story of Tamar, her other brother Absalom, in verse 20, told her to keep it quiet.

The pattern of how the world deals with this goes specifically with Scripture. Nobody can tell me there is no God. He has these stories to guide us and let us know this is real, He is real, and it’s the same thing, different decade. 

So take into consideration and ponder how you dress and act in your life, who do you hang around, and what do you actually accept as right and what do you actually follow because the world says it is okay?

If you were assaulted, don’t stay quiet, it wasn’t your fault no matter what, if you say no, then it is no. There are people who want to help you heal, keeping it in will not help you or anybody else. The pain will not go away, it will just get buried for a moment and will keep rising back up. Tell someone, let someone help you. 

We have to be alert to the enemies schemes to protect ourselves and our children. We are teaching the next generation what is right and wrong by our actions. 

Think about how you respect or don’t respect the opposite sex, or for that matter, how do you respect yourself? This is how your child will view things also. Are you leading them into a dangerous and destructive situation? Are you showing them their worth is in their bodies or sexual activity?


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