Christian feminism!

I was recently led by God to this volunteer opportunity, to become certified as a sexual assault advocate. I had to go through an orientation, background checks, and an interview process. I was honored with being accepted into the program and am now doing an in depth training for the next month. 

Last night was my first training and we spoke about being a feminist and how we all are because we are a part of this program. Now when I think of being a feminist, I think of a head strong power hungry woman who is trying to dominate the world. I remember taking a class on this at the Church I transferred from and I left thinking feminism is bad and I never want to be one, so I really had to pray and think while incorporating Scripture into this, to see if I could even do this. 

Could I be a feminist who has Christian values and still honor God?

The training expressed being a feminist as someone who believes that no matter what your sex or race, you don’t deserve to be assaulted and you have rights. We will be the voice for the hurting and show them compassion in this time of need. I was asked in my interview if I could show compassion and speak for someone who is homosexual and has been raped? I said “yes” without hesitation. Now keep in mind I have said before I do believe homosexuality is sin, but I don’t believe that means they should be abused. I believe sexual sin of any kind is wrong, but I don’t think women should be raped because they are loose.

So I came to the conclusion that, yes, I can be a Christian feminist and shed some light into this area, especially where Scripture about submitting is twisted for a man’s gain. I have come across women and heard stories of even Pastors using this Scripture to keep their woman in line and to abuse her, keeping her in her place.

I know God doesn’t mean for us to submit to being abused, because it also says that men are to love their wives like Jesus does. 

Jesus has made me a stronger woman, I know I have opinions, I know He uses me to spread Truth, but I have also been learning to do it in a respectful way. He did not create a stubborn dominating woman, but He did teach me that I deserve to be treated right and that I also have worth and a purpose and most importantly a voice.

So I am excited about my next session, we are learning about oppression, this is something God has been teaching me about for a while now. Oppression is being weighed down and has to do with power. The enemy likes to weigh us down with our past sin, trying to make us believe we aren’t worthy of forgiveness. Well, this is still happening all over the world, women are made to believe their only worth is their bodies and then when we are assaulted we are told it is our fault because we were dressed revealing. Men are portrayed as not being able to have any feminine qualities about them and to be tough and violent in order to be a man, then they are thrown in jail for acting out the violence that was instilled in their subconscious. Christians are now being oppressed, No God in school and having to pay for abortion methods through healthcare are two of the most recent ways to oppress us. 

So I am going to share all of this in group and hope to open some eyes to who God really is. I hope to enlighten people on the topic of being submissive and give them the right view of what God means by that. 

Last thing, we watched a video called “killing us softly” it is a documentary on how media feeds our subconscious with messages of who we are supposed to be and these are messages against God and also impossible to live up to. I highly recommend watching it. For me it confirmed and compiled what God has been showing me.

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