Water into Wine, 20 into 100 !!!!

John 2Then he told them, “Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.”They did so, and the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine. He did not realize where it had come from, though the servants who had drawn the water knew. Then he called the bridegroom aside

I had the honor of hearing, seeing and working for God in a powerful way, which began Monday night. 

As you know I am in a group called Celebrate Recovery, it is for addictions or hangups, people are there for reasons of addiction or even things such as depression.

Anyway, I have been to 3 meetings so far and I have started to connect with one woman in my group. Monday she was sharing (I got her permission to share) a struggle she is having of needing to get out of an abusive relationship, she had said she spent a couple nights in her car just to be out of the home. I heard God whisper to me “write down you number and address for her”, so I did. 

Then she said that she might spend the night in her car again that evening and that she just needs prayer for somewhere to go and to find safe housing, this is when I gave her the paper and she looked at me with question in her eyes, I told her that if she needed to stay in her car to just come over.

She left with thanks but was also determined to find this shelter she heard about first. I received a text from her saying she couldn’t find the shelter. I told her to just come here and clear her mind. So she came.

We sat up to 3 in the morning talking and I told her that I couldn’t give her a permanent home but that I had the Faith that God would provide for her and she could stay for a short time. 

We woke up and read Scripture and prayed together. Then we compiled a list of shelters and transitional housing for her to call. 

I ended up thinking of someone who works for a ministry that gives people furniture, I disregarded the thought for a minute because we were looking for housing not furniture. The thought persisted and I thought it can’t hurt so I called her. 

The woman I called said she just happened to get a phone call from a woman looking for a roommate, but she said she didn’t know anything about this woman and didn’t even know if she was a Christian. I took the number and gave it to my new friend. 

She called right away and she even asked the woman if she was a believer and she said “Yes, and she was just praying last night for God to send her a roommate”. She also lives in a place called Harmony on Peace Rd (:  We got chills and set out to meet this woman who lives pretty close to the area. 

We pulled up to a beautiful, small home, a very clean home where my friend would have her own bathroom and bedroom. 

Now they talked about rent and due to my friend traveling 160 miles a day for work she couldn’t pay as much as was asked but the woman negotiated and they set a price. 

Now my friend felt she should give her something out of good faith, so she said she didn’t have much right now but she could give her something. 

I saw her reach in her wallet and pull out 2 $20 dollar bills, and I thought that isn’t much, but it is something. She laid it on the table and as she was pulling her hand away, she hesitated and reached for the $100 dollar bill laying on top of the other $20. She said ” where did that come from, I swear I just had 2 $20’s”? I said that’s what I counted when you pulled it out. It was confirmed.

God changed a 20 into a 100 by the time she put it on the table. 

Watching God’s power take place in this whole situation strengthened my Faith even more. We were all in tears, joyful tears, of God’s power. 

Within 2 hours of us waking up, He answered ones prayer of needing a home, another’s prayer of needing a roommate and brought so much purpose to me of being used by God and the Joy of being obedient and seeing His power and what He can do for us all.


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