conceiving death!

James 1:15 Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.

So I was thinking more about this whole subconscious mind topic. This morning the Scripture above came to mind. 

I didn’t mention that when a message is visual it impacts us even more. It makes me think of sex and how much it has consumed the world. I even saw a Luvs baby diaper commercial the other day and in it the mom is breastfeeding in a restaurant and you can basically see everything but her nipples. Many of us might not even notice these things because we are so used to seeing them, a woman’s body is no longer sacred, it is entertainment. 

Pornography is so prevalent and accepted in this world it is scary, especially for men, since they are visual humans. 

I know sexual sin was the sin that took me down the hardest, I did it because it was how I felt love, I was seeking love through sex. It eventually killed me almost physically and it did completely kill me inside at the end. I was a body breathing, that was the only life in me until the Spirit filled me and brought me life. 

Anyway, if men are hit in the face with these images constantly, by TV or even a woman walking down the street, sexual immorality is now conceived in their minds and then if it is continually thought of (it grows), and we then act on it, giving birth to sin and then like I mentioned death. 

We need to think of ways to protect ourselves. Do you hang around people who talk about or do things you don’t want to do? Do you watch things you don’t want to fill your mind with?

I know a Godly man who says he keeps his head down as he goes through the checkout at the grocery store. Have you ever seen those magazine covers? He is protecting himself and his mind. Good for him and how lucky his wife is.

I think this is how addictions work also. For me with smoking, I told my mind for 17 years, when I am stressed, drinking coffee, happy, or sad, you will have a cigarette  So now my body and mind tell me to have one in all circumstances, and I am working on telling my mind and body no, you won’t have one and it doesn’t help etc. 

Remember sin brings us to death, so what are you going to put in place to avoid dying? I am telling you, being dead while you are still walking around this world is a horrible experience. Unfortunately, there are so many people walking around with empty eyes, just going through the motions of life. 

There can be a new life for you though, you just have to choose to have it. 


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