The subconscious mind is a powerful thing!

I have been studying the conscious and subconscious mind because I was putting a lesson together for my youth group about messages and how they creep into our minds. 

It is really cool to figure these things out and it puts things into perspective and gives you more tools to change things in your life. Knowledge is power, I totally agree.

So the conscious mind is like the surface, you know your reading right now and you know where you are etc. The subconscious mind is like a computer, it stores all the messages you hear and see in the back of your mind, it does not know right from wrong or truth from lies, it just stores. When you hear something long enough you start to believe it because this message is stored over and over. The subconscious comes out through our actions, so we have these messages we aren’t aware of and we act on them.

This explains alot when you think about how you say to yourself “why do I keep doing this” and you continue doing the same thing you don’t want to do over and over. 

An example I used with my girls was how love has turned into sex. We went through songs they listen to and I showed them the subtle ways sex and love were combined in the song, they were shocked that they didn’t notice this. When we listen to music that is telling us over and over that this person wants to love you and combines it with laying you down, your mind starts to put these messages together and you start to believe that sex means love, that is how you find it and show it etc. Mix that with Oxycontin which is meant to attach and bond people together and your in trouble. 

Another thing is low self esteem, if you are told in so many words over and over that you are stupid or worthless, you will start to believe it and act it out in your life. 

The way to reverse this or at least over power it is to be careful about the people you hang around, what you watch and listen to, and tell yourself positive messages everyday. Even if you don’t believe what you are saying, if you say it enough, you will start to believe it. Also, know that even if you say something negative to someone and then say you were joking, that message is being stored in that person’s mind anyway. We need to lift people up with our words, not bring them down. Be careful about what you say to yourself also, I know I tell myself I can’t do something more often than I tell myself I can.

God’s word is so awesome for positive messages, He tells us over and over how much He loves us, how beautiful we are to Him and that He has plans for us. 

So why don’t you just try it, think about positive messages, what would you want to be told or encouraged to believe, write it down and say it to yourself everyday. Then hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

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