She gets up while it is still dark

Proverbs 31:15 She gets up while it is still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls.

So I have felt like a lazy butt lately, sleeping in until I am woken by Heaven to get her to school, playing computer games to often etc.

I decided yesterday to read about the noble wife and I had Heaven write down her qualities while I read. 

One of the verses said that she woke up while it was still dark and made food for her family. 

So I decided that I would start waking up early again, making sure Heaven is up and I would make her breakfast.

So this morning she decided she would sleep in a little since I was up and would make sure she didn’t over sleep.

Then I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and she said “I will grab a pop tart”, I said ” I did not get up this early to grab a pop tart”, so she is letting me toast her a bagel with some cheese melted on it.

Funny (:

Anyway, it feels good to be up early, to take some time to read Scripture and prepare for my day. Today I will workout, apply for more jobs, specifically hounding this company I want to work with (:  Who knows what else I will do but I do know it won’t be sitting on the computer playing Bingo all day, well okay, I will for a little while but not all day. Even good productive women need a break here and there.

I think that if all women had the mindset of the noble wife, the world would be a better place. If you think about it, the reason her children call her blessed and her husband trusts her is because she takes care of them, she works hard to provide what she can. She doesn’t scream at them because they are running late because they woke up to late and need to hurry, they don’t grab pop tarts while running out the door. 

You say “so since I run around screaming and grab a pop tart on the way out the door, I don’t love my kids”? I don’t know if I would say you don’t love them, but I would say something needs to change. Try thinking about it today, would your family benefit from sitting down talking with you while eating breakfast or running around screaming?

Try writing down the Proverbs women’s qualities and mimic them one by one. I challenge you on this, for one month, do what she does and see what kind of difference there is in your life and your families.

See if God just might know what He is talking about.


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