Sex icons

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:[a] The old has gone, the new is here!

I am writing lessons for my purity class, and I began to think of where open sex and vanity began. Marilyn Monroe came to mind. She was and still is for many, the #1 sex icon. She brought it out into the open and lived it and used it as her identity.

She showed women how to be desired by millions of men and to find success in your life, by means of sex which created money and fame (identity).

She was raised in an abusive home, neglected and abandoned by her mom to be placed in multiple foster homes and orphanages where she was sexually abused and raped starting at 11 years old. She experienced every abuse you can imagine in her life and then was discovered and began to model. Her body and looks became her identity, it is what created her and brought her into a new life, one where she had more control or so it looked like she did on the outside, but on the inside she still suffered.

She had dreams but people told her she was to stupid to aspire to be anything more than a sex icon. People were relentless with the mean things they would say to her, how they made fun of her. She had stated once that she felt like a fraud, here she was this sex icon who couldn’t enjoy sex.

She even explored being bi-sexual, she tried everywhere she could to find happiness and fulfillment.

She had seen a psychiatrist for a while to get over her sexual issues. She was open about not having an orgasm ever. She was open about creating her own identity with the help of Hollywood. She would spend hours in the mirror before shoots staring at herself, trying to get into the role of this person she was to be.  How many hours do women these days spend in the mirror, trying to be someone they aren’t? How many hours in a day do women spend focusing on their looks only to feel more insecure?

She was insecure with her body, her acting, and her love life. She stalked a few actresses trying to mimic who they were and become them, this is how desperate she was to find an identity.

Toward the end of her life she started to heal, she was capable of having an orgasm. This may seem weird, but for a woman it is necessary to mentally and emotionally connect to the person they are with in order to achieve this. Many women are good actresses in bed as was Marilyn as she confessed that in her life.

Although her healing began, her career and personal life were starting to fall apart. So in her reality her identity was falling apart. She then overdosed on drugs at 36 years old.

So many women today still try to find their identity in their bodies. When that begins to fall apart it is devastating. Sex is expected on a date and to not do it is portrayed as being weird or a prude.

It’s all around us, magazines, tv, movies, music, clubs, bars etc. It’s totally accepted to act out sexually.

Really what women are doing to themselves is living an identity that is expected and neglecting finding out who they really are. They are allowing themselves to be sexually abused and will never be capable of knowing what a real meaningful relationship really is. You will never find peace in who you are, because you are trying to become an image that isn’t even feasible.

Women are allowing themselves to be slaves to this way of life, it is relentless and will take every minute of your life, destroying more everyday.

I can relate to Marilyn as many of us can. I hardly ever enjoyed the act of sex, it was the feeling of being desired or wanted that I needed. I didn’t think I was capable of much, so I used what I had and tried to be the best at it. I fell into that trap until I was 33 and at the end also felt like dying myself.

Luckily I went to God instead of killing myself and now I no longer feel the need for a man to want me. I know I am wanted by God. I am finding my identity in Him and couldn’t be happier.

You see as my old identity started to fall away, my new identity with God started to replace it. When Marilyn’s identity started to fall apart, there was nothing to replace it.

So when you find yourself idolizing a star or someone based on their looks and sex appeal, ask yourself what your really asking for. If all you want is to be looked at, used, and abused, then by all means continue down that road. If what you want is more, then stop what your doing and look into who you are and what you really need. Being good in bed will not make a man fall in love with you and work on an intimate relationship with you. How can someone find out who you are and fall in love with you, when you don’t even know who you are?  Let yourself take the time to heal and then you can see who you really are, so then you can share that with someone.

Aren’t you worth that?

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