You believe in one God? Prove it!

James 2:19 You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that-and shudder.

I have been trying to explain to my girls in Sunday school class, the difference between saying you believe and actually believing. 

I shared my testimony with them yesterday and mentioned how I used to go to Church and if someone asked I would say I believed in God and Jesus, but that was as far as that went. I know now that I wasn’t saved back then, scary thought.

When I really needed God because I was totally dead inside, I was born again, now I know without a doubt that I am saved. I share this with others because so many people think if they say they believe they are going to Heaven, but they aren’t, they are just mimicking the enemy.

The verse above spoke to me on this topic. The demons, who are going to spend ETERNITY in HELL believe in Jesus also, but they walk against everything He stands for.

The result of Salvation is change and action. You will produce good fruits. You won’t just be kind to people and help others occasionally, you will seek to do so, your heart will desire to do so. You will seek God and try no matter how long it takes or how hard it is, to walk with Him. 

Not that we will ever be perfect because we won’t but the difference is we try and never stop.  Yes, some things will change drastically, that is Sanctification. 

I used to drink, drug, have sex, swear like a truck driver and cared about what I wanted, even though back then I thought I was so selfless. 

Now I hardly ever swear and when I do I cringe. Was this a bad change? Did it take my fun away? No.

I don’t participate in physical intimacy. Is this bad? Do I not have fun? If anything it has made me excited about possibly finding a man who I will share this with and only him. It has made me excited to experience the beauty of it. It has made me strong and proud that I can stand my ground and not follow the rest of the world. Not to mention not worrying about STD’s and pregnancy.

I can pass a drug test and I don’t wake up feeling sick or tired, I accomplish things that make a difference in my life and others lives without it being cloudy.

Was all this easy? Did it just change?

Some things did actually change without much thought because being a part of God just does this, but other things I have had to work on and practice. 

At least I know even though I sometimes seem like I am following the enemy, I am really trying to just severe my relationship with Him.


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