Update on my dire circumstances!

I had blogged about the situation I was in with my unemployment running out. They told me if I made $800.00 within a month I would be able to keep my benefits another 6 months.

I wrote everyone I had in my email and I did get a couple offers to clean homes and that helped deduct from my $800.00 goal.

I noticed when I got the actual letter from unemployment it said that since I didn’t make $800.00 since 2011, that I wasn’t eligible. I called and they said that I just needed to make it within a year, not a month.

So I went into the office with the proof of my income from my PT teaching job I have had and I was approved. Praise God, I have benefits for another 6 months.

Now see, I didn’t lose my Joy and I didn’t panic because I knew God would come through and He did, like He always does.

I am not saying it was easy. I had to go to two different unemployment offices for a total of three visits and I spent two days on the phone getting this done, and I’m the one looking for a job (:  So I had to work for it, but God set the path.

I now also got to keep the offers to clean houses and can now pay a loan back that I owed, man He really does think about everything. He cares about every little detail of His children’s lives.

I am so happy that I chose to become His child.

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