Compassion for killers!

Today as many know there was a shooting in Connecticut  killing 20 children the last I heard. There was also a slashing in China which involved 22 children.

Today’s horrific events were another confirmation to me that the world is ending soon. 

It says in Scripture that it will continue to get worse. When you aren’t connected to Christ and follow Him, you follow Satan, so what do you expect?

People say “If there is a God, how can He let this happen”? 

God gave us free will, that is what we wanted, you still want it obviously, if you don’t accept Him and walk with Him. Sin grows, pain grows, darkness grows. 

Yes, these were innocent children, but weren’t the men who shot and slashed these children innocent children themselves at one point? 

It’s like once you hit a certain age people no longer care and hate you for the things you do. 

It shouldn’t matter what age you are, there should still be sadness when someone is killed. Scripture calls for us all to be like children, age doesn’t define that.

If everyone just gave up their pride and actually reached out for God and did the work they were here to do, people would not only be saved from Hell, they would be saved from the pain that turns them over to Satan and doing his work instead of God’s.

Why should God stop everything that happens in this world when you spit in His face and say “I don’t care about you and what you say I should do”? 

People want their cake and to eat it to.

We cause our suffering by our sin. We rather be cozy in our homes and jobs then get our butts out there and help children not to grow up to be killers.

What if someone cared about these men when they were little? They obviously went through things in life that got them to do what they did today.

The bright point I see in this is that those little ones are in Heaven and they are now safe from the horrible things that are coming. 

This is just the beginning.

I pray to God when I think about the end times and I tell Him “God, I will do whatever I need to do, go through whatever I need to go through, but please don’t let my daughter go through the torment of the times coming, I can’t bear to watch her suffer”.

I really do pray for those families, for the pain they feel, I pray that God leads them to Him in this time of need and saves them so that they will once again see their babies in Heaven.

I pray that God can get through the hardness that is around people’s heart’s and start waking them up, helping them let go of their selfishness so that other’s can be helped and hopefully some of these fatalities can be stopped before they happen.

So next time you see a young person who is angry and hostile (and they are getting worse), will you walk past pretending it isn’t your problem? Then maybe you to are responsible for what he/she chooses to do in the future.


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