Hope in my dire circumstance!

Hebrews 11:1  Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

I am in a situation once again, that may seem dire to the world, but somehow I walk through my home with so much happiness and Hope of the future.

How do I feel like this?

Jesus is my answer, He is my Hope.

I have been on unemployment for almost a year. It ends the last day in December and so far there are no extensions. I did happen to get a wonderful lady on the phone who explained to me that if I make $800.00 by Christmas from any job, then I will re-qualify for another 6 months of benefits.

I much rather have a full time job, but I really need to keep the benefits if that isn’t going to happen by January. 

So I think about what my options are. I figure okay, I need to reach out to others to get some help, support, and prayer. So I email the situation to others and tell them everything, asking for any work. I do have a PT job teaching youth at a church, so that makes me only need to make $560.00. I received an email from a friend to clean their house for $100.00, so now I only need $460.00. 

Do I worry and start to panic? Yes, if I think about any day past today I worry and start to go over the what if’s. I stop myself quickly knowing that will not help anything. I choose to remember all the times God has come through in miraculous ways, I remember His promises to me, that He will provide all my needs, He will give me anything I ask for as long as it’s in Jesus’ name and with the right intentions etc. 

These things give me Hope to hold onto for today and everyday after this if I choose to take hold of it. 

I am excited to see what comes up, I know that He has everything in the works right now, he is preparing jobs for me and will provide a full time job for the future. 

I can sing today and smile because I believe this in my heart, I have Hope in circumstances where it can be viewed as hopeless. I am convicted that God already went ahead of me and worked this out, I just have to wait til it presents itself.

You can’t find this Hope in the world. We can hope something comes up or hope we will get the things we need, but there is no substance to that Hope, that is depending on YOU to come through, and we have limitations.

This Hope I speak of has an answer coming, it will not go unfulfilled. God owns everything in this world and has access to use it any way He wants.

This is a Hope with a guarantee. I am sure of it (:

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