Santa – The Ultimate Christmas deception!

Revelations 20: 3 He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended. After that, he must be set free for a short time.

I woke up from my nap to a Christmas movie that was on. Within the first two minutes I couldn’t stand to watch anymore of it. 

It was called “The Christmas Secret”, and this guy was obsessed with proving that reindeer could fly, he was in the North Pole with Santa and Santa was telling him he couldn’t leave there until he was a true believer in Christmas. The man said he really was a believer and that is why he knows reindeer can fly and wanted to show others. Santa said he wasn’t a true believer. I knew exactly what he meant and couldn’t watch it anymore because it angered me so much. Santa wants this man to understand that to keep the Spirit of Christmas alive people had to have Faith and believe in their hearts without visual proof.

Wow, that is about Jesus. Jesus is the Christmas story. We have to believe in Him by Faith and not proof.

Satan’s job is to deceive us and make us believe in anything but Jesus. He has to keep us distant from a relationship with Jesus so that we go to Hell with him. He needs us to believe in fantasy instead of reality. He still wants to overthrow God and take His throne, so he needs followers, we follow him every time we act in a way that is against God, when we believe in anything other than Jesus for our Hope and happiness (which with God is Joy). 

Satan deceived innocent children with Santa, using their own parents. While their minds could still easily believe in Jesus and the miracles he performed, the real miracles, Satan came up with this story through a human about Santa and his miracles.

Christmas has meant Santa for generations, ask a child who Jesus is and many can’t respond, even if they can say who he is, can they tell you all the miracles he did?

If I had to do over I would tell my daughter that Jesus provided jobs for us and the skills I needed to perform my job to get the gifts under the tree, and all her tags would say “from Jesus”. I would have tucked her in bed telling her how Jesus turned water into wine and how he would come back one day to take her to a wonderful place called Heaven if she truly believes in Him in her heart. I would tell her how he took her mommy’s broken heart and restored it and changed her to be more like Him and how I feel so much Joy and Peace in my heart that I could stop drinking and doing drugs. I would have told her that Jesus was born on Christmas, just to die because He loves her so much. That it is His Birthday.

I would never have to tell her it’s not true and see her hopes destroyed because of something I lied to her about for years. I would never see her eyes twinkle with delight over a story that leads her to Hell.

I know some would say “isn’t this extreme, it’s just a fun tradition”, I would say “you must not know Jesus, and you must not have a relationship with him”.  I would also recap for you, so lying, setting an innocent child up to believe in a fantasy and destroying their trust when you have to tell them it’s a lie, is a fun tradition?

2 thoughts on “Santa – The Ultimate Christmas deception!

  1. Well done. Abundant Blessings to you and your family.
    I pray more people could see the horrible soul destroying “fun tradition” the parents continue by this “harmless” ritual. I am disgusted by it. No wonder people dont want to believe in Jesus, when they have been lied to about a false hope by their parents since birth when what Jesus has given us, is such love, hope and promise, that is what people should be really teaching their kids.

    1. Thank You so much for the encouragement Adam. Blessings to you also. Just keep remembering that there are many lost people who just need compassion and understanding from us so they can see the love of Jesus through us and want to seek Him out for the Truth.

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