Getting prepared!

I am starting to write lessons on the end times and Revelations for my Sunday school class and a Bible study my friend and I are starting. The children are scared and as adults we want to know this Scripture to witness to others as things are happening in the world.

Nothing brings a feeling of accomplishment and strength, more than knowing and sharing God’s Word with others. The only thing that matters to me is letting God teach me and use me to save souls. Nothing has ever made me feel more important than to know God used me to bring one of his children home.

I know my Sunday school is hoping to hear they will not suffer, but I understand that this isn’t going to be a fairy tale of being exempt from whats coming. My goal is to build their knowledge and help them understand that getting closer to God and following the things he says are what will get them through and help them stand firm.

A revelation is an act of revealing divine Truth by God to humans. The whole book is a revelation of what is to come told through John, one of God’s servants. I have had many revelations with God. Revelations of things to come and revelations throughout my healing. These revelations have boosted my self esteem, made me stronger as a human being, and helped me depend on God and God alone for my security.

All the trials we go through in life are our preparation of standing firm in the end. If we crumble through finances falling apart or losing a home, how will we stand firm when we are faced with enemies who want to hurt us in every way they can?

If we can’t even forgive someone we once loved, how can we forgive our enemies and show God’s Love to them in those times?

If we depend on things and our outer appearance to bring us security, how will we withstand the days when a home, makeup, a man in our lives, our children or a car aren’t there to bring us security anymore?

The one thing that I desire most is to teach my daughter to stand firm alone with God. I won’t be able to protect her on my own as the time gets near. She will have to be independent in that aspect and depend on God and his Spirit to bring her through.

If we let things like past mistakes, make us depressed and keep us in the bondage of shame, how will we react in the days to come? How can you stand firm when faced with an enemy when all you want to do is curl up into a ball and cry?

Many think God is mean to let them go through hard times, but in all actuality he is showing us love because he knows he needs to prepare us. Every trial I have gone through has grown my Faith in Him and made me stronger to where I very minimally worry about things, I let God take care of those things, like finding me a job, while I focus on understanding his word and helping the people he brings into my life prepare and understand all of this.

Last night I was thinking about the end and was honest and told God “I am scared”. I thought about coming down on the clouds with Him to fight in the ultimate war and how I would feel safer because Jesus would be right there. Then He reminded me that I am not alone, he is right here, inside me through the Spirit. See we have come to depend to much on physical form. God needs to teach us Faith and how to depend on what is not seen.

Take heed to this warning, learn from God, walk with God, and depend on Him only. He is here right now, we are in war right now fighting the ultimate enemy and our flesh. We are being prepared to withstand the inevitable.

Put on your armor and fight now, don’t wait until the ultimate war is here and the enemy is released to do even more damage to this world.

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