Words destroy!

James 3: 6 The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course of one’s life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.

The tongue destroys lives so easily. We spew things out of our mouths without thought, then our words connected to actions are devastating. It destroys our lives and anyone in our path’s. 

I have seen how words and actions have destroyed so many people not to mention whole families. They cause really low self esteem which destroys us and causes us to miss so many opportunities that are set before us. 

In my past when I suffered from fear of intimacy I didn’t realize it on the surface but sub consciously I saw myself as worthless and I feared that if I let others into my pain and experiences they to would see I was worthless. It is lies that I am worthless, but it is unfortunately true that many judge each others worth by what they have accomplished and done in life.

Our true worth is not in our bodies and worldly accomplishments, it is in our hearts, in our character, who we really are is where we find our worth. When someone destroys your character by what they say and do to you, there is nothing left. 

So many children kill themselves these days because of the harsh words of their peers. Marriages fail because of the actions of a spouse. People die lonely painful slow deaths because of the words of a parent so long ago. 

If we let these lies of worthlessness due to people who don’t really matter, people who actually don’t have power over us nor can determine our destiny, grow then our whole world becomes lies. We start to actually see things and others as one evil and we miss out on the good that God brings into our lives. 

We need to go to God and let Him heal us, we need to mourn the pain of the past, we need to let the truth of the Lord take root in our hearts so that we can actually see and believe our real worth. Only God can measure our worth and set us free. 

Every tear, every gasp of breath brings healing and newness into our lives. 

Don’t let past actions of others determine your future and hope. Don’t let present judgment from others determine your worth. Set boundaries among those who still try to hurt you. Forgive.

Watch how you judge others based on appearance and what you see on the outside, watch the words you use toward another. If you don’t you could be facing murder charges multiple times when judgement arrives. Your words could be the last one before the trigger goes off.

Addictions begin due to words that grow into lies. Suicide begins with words that grew into lies. Obesity began with words that grew into lies.

Guns, knives, fists, alcohol, food, and drugs might be the weapon used to kill but words were the reason.

It is crucial that we start to understand the power of our words and to keep our mouths shut until we think things through. Don’t let what happened to you destroy someone else’s life, don’t continue the cycle. Seek change and you will find it. Seek help and you will heal. Seek the Truth and you will find justice. 

Don’t let your whole life be steered by the words of another who was hurt themselves.


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