Sin that turns violent

Ezekiel 28:16 Through your widespread trade you were filled with violence, and you sinned. So I drove you in disgrace from the mount of God, and expelled you, O guardian cherub, from among the fiery stones.

I was driving Heaven to school and as I got to the street the school is on I had to wait for people in front of me to turn, so the rear of my car was over the crosswalk and my light turned red and the other one green.

This man in this really nice, expensive care drives past me and screams with a lot of anger “You F___ing Idiot”. Heaven and I started laughing and she said “what did you do”? I explained how my rear was in the crosswalk so He had to drive over an extra inch to get in the empty lane, she said “wow, no wonder people don’t get their licenses, it’s scary to drive”.

The verse above went through my mind and it was a great opportunity to share with Heaven about road rage.

Satan was God’s guard, He guarded the throne of God, then when Satan got the idea that He would overthrow God and take His place, shame started to set on Him. When we go against God shame is put on us to warn us to repent. So because Satan didn’t repent and kept sinning his shame (guilt) got so heavy that He became violent, so God expelled him from Heaven.

So this is how the mans morning will play out. He is probably a boss, and will go to work and tell his employees that he is so angry over my idiotic driving and people like me shouldn’t be on the road (more shame comes upon him), his employees in return will need to agree with him and also degrade me (shame onto them and more onto him for causing others to sin), then the boss will feel satisfied and good about himself for a fleeting minute because he has so many people agreeing with him and this gives him more incentive to think he is an amazing, smart, and powerful person.

Sad though that it will wear off quickly and he will need to go degrade someone else or buy something, so he can bask in the satisfaction of his own glory for another minute.

Obviously this man has a really low self esteem and all he really needs to do is go to God and confess his sin so that the weight of his shame is taken from him. Then God can heal him of the pain that gave him the low self esteem in the first place and this man can start to live in peace. Its sad how he tries to control with anger but actually anger is controlling him every minute of his day.

I guess the point here is, repent to find peace and self worth, don’t go against God more and try to hurt others because you are only hurting yourself more. Repent before you become violent. You don’t have to live feeling anger constantly.

Stop trying to overthrow God and take His place in this world and your own life. Your glory is nothing. Your material items will be destroyed and your anger will be brought into the light for all to see. What will you do when that shame comes upon you?

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