Yahweh, need I say more!

I have been struggling with some past sin creeping back into my life and it has saddened me, I feel weak and sad. I don’t want to go back down that road and I want to nip it in the bud now. I am going to join a addictions recovery program. I want to believe God is enough, enough to fully let go of any addictions. I want to grow closer to Him and know Him more fully. 

I started to research for a lesson I want to teach the children about who God and Jesus are, I want them to understand so they can accept Him and walk with Him easier. Anyway, I love this song and was drawn to just sit and listen to it today, there is something in the names that excite me. 

I understand why now. Yahweh is His existence, He is our existence, without Him we are nothing. He is my flesh, my heart, my soul, my mind, my breath, my tears, He is everything. 

This is the song, you could listen while you read, enjoy growing closer to our God. 


Yahweh refers to God’s self existence. It is a reflection of his being; God is the only self existent/ self sufficient being in the universe.

 This name shows how powerful God is, he didn’t need parents to give birth to Him so He exists, He just exists. He doesn’t need a teacher or parent to teach Him how to live, He is life. He is everything in us and around us. He is our existence, without Him we wouldn’t exist.

 Yahweh, I AM WHAT I AM, the creator of the universe, depends only on Himself for existence. He is the source and origin of all that exists. In Him we live and move and exist.

 Without Yahweh in our hearts, we are nothing; we still exist, but we don’t know how to live. It’s like people who don’t know God, God still exists and is all around them, but He has no meaning in their lives, there is no purpose to their lives because they are missing the one thing that makes them who they are supposed to be.

 Being without God is like being without arms or legs. There are pieces missing to make you whole. He gives us grace to still be here on earth and to move and have families etc, but the bigger purpose in our lives is lost without having Him in our hearts. Nobody but the one who breathed life into you knows what you were created to do, who you were created to be. Physically we need air to breath so we can live, Spiritually we need Him to be our air so we come alive.

 Below is an example of how Yahweh was spelled out without vowels in Hebrew, it kind of gave me chills and a better understanding of all this.

But YHWH wrote His own name!!! Where? And how did He write it?

Well, I’ll tell you how He wrote it, and then you will know where.

When YHWH wrote His name, He didn’t spell it left to right or right to left. He spelled it top to bottom. Like this:

Yod (y) 

He (h) 

Vav (w) 

He (h) 

But He didn’t use a pen. He didn’t use paper. And He didn’t use a rock.

What then? He used flesh and bone!! And He spelled YHWH like this:


That’s you!!!!!!

Our existence is Yahweh, without Him we are lost and our lives mean nothing.

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