Saving the pit bulls

There is alot of talk going around about saving pit bulls, I met a doberman pinscher today, another feared animal and it was the sweetest thing ever. As soon as I showed up he ran and got a corncob and brought it to me as a gift.

It made me think about how these animals may have a tendency to be violent but I think it really comes down to who raises them and how.

It’s just like us, we are horrible, evil, and sometimes violent human beings, some worse than others depending on who raises them and how. We are born with a sinful nature and the tendency to hurt others, which if it continues (only God can begin to break this) only gets worse.

Yet so many people are against killing these people and stopping them from being born.

When you finally find God and start your relationship with Him (based on Faith because you can’t see Him), He changes you into a good person who loves others, even mean people who may hurt you. 

So maybe the answer is mean people should not raise dogs who have the tendency to be mean themselves, this way animals will be raised with love and shown how to love in return.

So many people will turn on a human in a minute for abusing or not loving an animal, what makes this any different than what the animal abuser did?

Do you put as much effort and love into saving the people who act as a vicious animal themselves? 

We should…….


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