The future has arrived!

I met with a friend today to talk about our Mary Kay business’ and I was telling her about a new thing that might be happening with mine. When I left her it all just kind of hit me and I started to ball because of the things God told me I would be doing in the past and how it seems to all be coming together now. 

About a year and a half ago God told me I would be speaking, I thought no way, I was way to scared to do this but God showed me through Scripture that it is possible and I can relate to some of His most devoted followers. Paul was timid when speaking to people face to face but bold when writing (2 Corinthians 10:1), just like me. God purposely used Moses who feared speaking so that He could prove that He would give anyone the words to use (Exodus 4:1-17). God has slowly brought me into speaking and teaching through my jobs even before I knew Him and now through my Sunday School class that I teach, oh and of course Mary Kay.

God taught me about shame and how we view ourselves on the outside through our shame and that changes how we appear to ourselves. He told me I would go to Churches and teach this to women through Mary Kay. I made a power point presentation for this purpose about a year ago and have tried to get in Churches with no luck. I gave up on the idea and thought it would never happen.

God also brought me to Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, taking me away from the Church that I went to for 7 years and was born again at. I came into some issues with that Church and stopped going about 4 months ago, I figured God only meant it for the counseling I received while going there. Well God moved us to Round Lake and I came across Harvest in Lake Zurich. I went there and it was so different, pretty small and it seemed more connected, genuinely connected within people’s hearts. I wrote the Pastors wife about my past of Promiscuity, drugs, and alcohol and how God has put this desire in my heart to reach out to other women with this message. She welcomed me and my past with open arms and we are going to talk about me getting in there with this presentation I wrote with the Mary Kay.

They will be opening a Harvest in Round Lake, this is the perfect community for me to reach out to with this message. I am not saying that Harvest in Rolling Meadows isn’t a good Church, I do believe though the larger a Church gets the less heart connection there is and you have to be careful to not just start going through the motions. Meadows just wasn’t where my message was meant to be used, it was a place where seeds were planted in me and I was trained to be more bold.

So this is how God works, this is how amazing He is. Everything He told me I would do and everything He had me prepare for is finally starting to happen. I should have learned by now that God wants to teach patience and He might just prepare you for something that won’t even happen for years down the road, but He is faithful to His Word and when He tells you something, you better believe it will happen at just the right time.

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