God versus the Police

I was driving to get Heaven from skating tonight and I came across one of those road blocks to check for drunk drivers. Keep in mind I hadn’t drank or anything, yet my heart started pounding and my body was shaking. I hate that even when I know I have done nothing wrong I still get nervous when confronted with the cops, why?

I am thinking it must be because they have the power to give me a ticket, arrest me, really do anything they want because of who they are. So just the idea of their power makes me nervous.

I all the sudden thought about God and the day he judges me. I can’t imagine if I get this nervous with cops even when I have done nothing wrong, how will it be when I am right in front of God knowing I have done so much wrong? He has the power to throw me into Hell or show me mercy and allow me into Heaven.

Thank God for Jesus because that is the only way even the best Christian will be allowed into Heaven. Jesus’ blood washes our sins away and cleanses us from all unrighteousness. There is no way anyone can get there on their own merit.

Even in a career, we fear our bosses, they can change our whole future in a moment. We fear anyone who has power over us, but yet we go against God everyday, sometimes not even batting an eye.

Think about it, you obey all these rules in the world so that you don’t suffer consequences, but do you obey and honor Jesus because of who He is and because He has power over your eternal life?

Do you produce good fruit? Do you really know Him and have a personal relationship with Him? If you aren’t sure then you probably don’t, I would get on that quick, so you aren’t one of the people standing in front of Him with nothing to cover your sins, having every detail of your life exposed in the light. I am so sorry for the people that act as though He is a joke and despise the very mention of His name.

What is the harm in just trying to seek Him? What if He does exist? What if all you hear is true?

2 thoughts on “God versus the Police

  1. What you wrote is very profound but really quite simple, too. You have done an excellent job on this short note of yours, Tabitha. Thank you for sharing.
    I’ve often wanted to come up to one of those road blocks and act like I’m partially drunk so they make me take a breathalyzer and it comes back 0.0! But I know that drunk driving is not a bit funny so I would never actually do it.

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