What do you hunger for?

Genesis 25:29-34 Once when Jacob was cooking some stew, Esau came in from the open country, famished. He said to Jacob, “Quick, let me have some of that red stew! I’m famished!” (that is why he was also called Edom.) Jacob replied, “First sell me your birthright.” Look, I am about to die.” Esau said. “What good is the birthright to me?” But Jacob said, “Swear to me first.” So he swore an oath to him, selling his birthright to Jacob. Then Jacob gave Esau some bread and some lentil stew. He ate and drank, and then got up and left. So Esau despised his birthright.

I am reading a book called, Made to Crave, by Lysa Terkeurst. It is a book about learning to crave God instead of food, I am using it for smoking though. It doesn’t really matter what addiction you have, we still have the same thoughts, struggles, and need the same things to change that addiction.

Lysa mentions the story above in her book, I really needed it this morning, it is my third day of not smoking and it is getting rough. For a split second I was ready to run to the gas station and get a pack of smokes, justifying it by saying “I will just have to go on pills”. 

I remembered that story though and went in my house. What finally got me to quit and why it seems different to me this time is because a man from my old Church has stage 4 lung cancer, it scared the crap out of me. This morning for a min I was being like Esau, ready to possibly give up everything to satisfy my flesh in the moment. Think about how often we give in or give up because it is to hard or we just want to be satisfied in the moment. Think about all we could be losing acting like that. 

I want to be closer to God, I want Him to use me more in this world to show His light, I want to see my daughter grow up and see what God has planned for her. I want to live and not only live, but live a full life with God and what He has for me. 

Esau gave up EVERYTHING in the moment of satisfying his hunger, he wasn’t going to die because he had to wait a bit longer to eat. We need to be self controlled and alert (1 Peter 5:7-8) so that Satan can’t get us in our weak moments. 

I am so out of it without smoking, I am tired, I am sad at times, I have no energy, I am bored. It is so amazing how you can become so dependent on something like a cigarette, so dependent that you actually have a hard time functioning without it. I am replacing it with other things though, forcing myself to move and focus. I am juicing, taking my dog for walks, getting involved in the community, and looking forward to future plans. I am choosing to replace my hunger for smoking with a hunger for God, helping others, living a better life and being a better example.

We all have something we hunger for, something that isn’t good for us. Think about your life and ask God to reveal to you what you hunger for? Ask yourself how much you are willing to give up for it? How hard are you willing to fight? How much have you given away for a moment of satisfaction?

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