Indiana update

1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Well last time I wrote we were going to Indiana to look around and possibly move there. I thought God was sending us there and preparing me for over a year for it. We did go and we were panicking  a little bit about moving away and it is so different there. However, over the weekend we came to terms with it and started thinking about the positives and applied for an apartment out there.

When we got back I had to go work at the Church I work at on Sundays. My co workers and I were talking about the possible move and a mom of one of the children overheard. She came over and said she has a rental that hasn’t been used in a couple years and I could live there, only having to pay my utilities to help me get on my feet. Wow, I can’t believe it, I was so touched and couldn’t believe how God came through. I was praying for Him to just find us a place where we could live alone and that I could afford. I prayed this but didn’t see a way for it to happen, especially in Illinois.

So about 5 days after applying for the apartment, and they were supposed to get back to me after 24 hours, I went to look at the house. I asked God to just make the decision for me because if He wanted us in Indiana for some reason I would go. As I was looking at the house the apartment from Indiana called and told me they couldn’t rent the apartment to me, the great thing is it wasn’t my credit (:  I have been working on my credit for a while and it was finally decent.

So I walked through the door of possibly moving to Indiana and God shut it, but the important thing is I was obedient. I obeyed and He gave me something even better. Not only do Heaven and I have our own rooms but I also have an office. God amazes me, He goes above and beyond a lot, even though we still sin and go against Him, he blesses and cares for us.

So we are moving this weekend. We just have to clean and there are many projects I will do to help the owner fix up the place as we live there. The only issue that has come up is there is no gas line and Nicor says the earliest they will be out is in 2 weeks, so we will just have to eat cold foods and shower at friends homes until that gets settled. 

I was thinking about this at first and it bothered me but then I remembered a time when I had no where to go and someone let me stay in an apartment where the person was being evicted, it just  hadn’t happened yet. There was no electricity or anything, so I would run a cord in the hall until the maintenance guy put a stop to that (:  I would sit in the dark while Heaven would sleep (she was about 1) and I would think about how I had no hope and didn’t think I would ever get out of this situation and make it in life.

This brings us back to now, I know the gas will be on and I know God has plans for me to succeed, I have hope this time. I finally have someone showing God’s love to me and helping me to never have to be in situations like that again. I know I will find a job and get to school. I know the house will get fixed up. I just have to put in the work.

If I didn’t have Jesus I would still be in the hopeless situations I used to be in back in the day. Jesus has saved and changed my life.

Since I got the news that I had to move out, I gave God my worries, I spent many moments laughing with my daughter and having fun as we journeyed out to see where God lead us, knowing all along that He would provide for us and give us a future. I could have worried and suffered all that time, but instead I chose to believe that what He says is True. I chose to walk with Him into the unknown and trust in Him. I like this life so much better than my old one and would never go back to not having a relationship with Him.

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